Credible Source for Daniel Day-Lewis as Joker in Batman 3?

I can’t find anything but forum threads and blogs confirming DDL as Joker in Batman 3. I would love a credible source proving or disproving the rumor.

Edit: I would settle for a good reason to believe that he will play the Joker. I’m that desperate.

It seems incredibly unlikely to me that they’d put the Joker in Batman 3. Given the combination of how well received Ledger’s performance was combined with his death combined with the fact that there’s a whole slew of other potential villians they can use, why on earth would they do the Joker again?

Credible source? Good luck with that. Also, agreed, why the fuck would they bring the Joker part back so soon? It’d be like… a… joke, or something.

Oh alright, I was under the impression that it was more or less true and I just couldn’t come up with a decent source through Google.

I thought I’d heard they definately were not bringing back the Joker for #3. Maybe in the future.

Plus, I’m not sure I see Lewis taking that role anyway. He’s turned down a lot of movies because he doesn’t like anything that deviates too much from the his typical serious dramas that are historical or current.

Daniel Day-Lewis as the Penguin though, that’d be funky.

— Alan

I AM the Batman!

If he showed up at all, I assumed it’d be in a brief cameo at the beginning of the film, similar to the villain cameo at the beginning of Dark Knight. I’d heard in the past they planned to show him on trial or in jail, though I’m sure that rumor is long expired.

My guess would be that if they go that route, it’ll be on a TV screen or something and it’ll be existing footage of Ledger, perhaps digitally manipulated a bit. Maybe show him being put into Arkham for a brief moment as a news story.

I drink your… bat juice?

Yeah, I was having trouble finding a way to end that sentence too. Think I came up with the same ending.

I’ll take advantage of this thread to once again propose my theory that there is no role that wouldn’t be better with Daniel Day Lewis playing it. Go ahead, try to think of one. You simply can’t do it, my friends.

(No fair saying The Joker, which is an exception because Heath Ledger died, so different rules apply.)


So you think DDL would have been better as “Walker, Texas Ranger” than Chuck Norris?


That’s an easy one, Sarkus. Daniel Day Lewis would be the best goddamn Walker Texas Ranger you ever saw.


So put him in place of Marisa Tomei in “My Cousin Vinny”.

Then he would’ve won all four acting Oscars.


You will not find anyone anywhere on this planet* who thinks Daniel Day Lewis wouldn’t make an awesome Conan the Barbarian. In fact, I’m going to go take a lunch with someone in Hollywood right now because “Daniel Day Lewis as Conan the Barbarian” pretty much green lights itself.

  • Or in orbit, such as Ultima creator Richard Garriott.

If you want DDL playing Pussy Galore in “Goldfinger” then that’s your problem. Nor do I need to see DDL replacing Halle Berry in “Monsters Ball.”

*Yeah, I know it’s a technicality, but those are roles no one wants or needs to see DDL in.

Nice try, Sarkus, but I’m sure people said the same sorts of things about Terrance Stamp until they saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert. You have still failed at my game!