Credit Card Signature on back of card

I received a new credit card today and it lacks the signature area where we usually sign the card. Has anyone run into this recently? It is one of the newest chip card that you can touch the device now so maybe they got rid of the signing card. It was not listed in the instructions (just call to confirm I received it).


I called them and nope no signing back of card anymore.

Signing cards was always kind of pointless. My signature on the card always looked like a 3 year old’s, although I guess now my signature on little electronic screens looks like a 3 year old’s. I usually just draw a squiggle now.

Yeah, signatures are pointless and long gone.

The only time I ever hand my card to someone else is dining out. Otherwise, I’m the one doing the swiping anyway.

I didn’t even sign mine before. One time in all those years, someone stopped me, claimed it needed to be signed, and watched me sign it right there. I hadn’t felt that safe since the last time I went through TSA screening!

I haven’t signed for a credit card in something like a decade. Chip and pin / contactless spread quickly some time ago in Canada.

I never signed cards before. Nobody ever asked about it.

When I worked at Target on the register years ago, we had to check the signature. The customer was not allowed to sign it in front of us either. We were watched by security people on cameras to make sure we followed that policy. Got yelled at a lot I can tell you by customers.

I can’t wait for this to no longer be a thing. It’s such pointless busywork these days!

I sign my cards but I don’t think I’ve ever see anyone check the back. Do people actually compare signatures anymore? I very rarely even sign when I use my credit card. Just tap and they give me the receipt.

I’ve written “see ID” on mine for close to twenty years, and precisely one time has someone looked at it then asked to see my ID.

I always wrote “Please ask for ID.” Some people asked. But since the pandemic began all credit cards have been self-service and that was it. The screen thingies we sign don’t even get most of the signature.

Never sign.

Yeah, mine says “Ask to see my big 12-inch.” I always carry a full-size turkey grinder in my backpack, but so far no one has asked me to see it. That’s cool. If you always carry a big 12-inch, you can never go hungry!

It’s not like JMJ to miss an opportunity like this.

I always wondered how my squiggle would hold up in court if I contested it.

Tim and I ground some turkey extra fine when he visited SF to give a reading from his book maybe 10 years ago now (more?). All the turkey chicks were giving thanks.

Yeah. I did that ‘ask for ID’ thing for a while, and it generally worked - or at least, on the few occasions they looked they did ask me for an ID to check the signature. But that was probably back in the 90’s when that last happened.

I’m good if they don’t want to use those anymore. I’m not sure I sign my cards anyway. Or maybe I do - I don’t pay that much attention. Certainly can’t place the last time someone actually checked my signature against it, and the only time I think I even sign a skip anymore is at restaurants (either dine-in or pickup).

Really? I do the same and I get it pretty regular

Yep–it was at Piroshki on 3rd, in Seattle, late November 2013. That was it.

Cards are loaded with legacy procedures stretching all the way to the fifties. They are truly the cheques of the 21st century.

Same, never signed a card, my entire life.