Credit Card Signature on back of card

Yep…have not signed for 20 years. Someone asked me to sign my card once at a store but I just used a different card.

It’s honestly never come up for me, never got so much as a comment. Three days more contactless payments anyway.

I never sign. I sometimes see a clerk flip the card over and clearly see it’s not signed, but they never say anything. Maybe I look shifty or something.

They are credit cards they flip over. Don’t all CCs protect against fraudulent use? I’m not really worried about it. I use credit cards for nearly all of my purchases so I get points. My debit card barely gets used, unless I need cash from an ATM.

That was a lot of fun for me. My first book reading and I got to meet the man of many jars himself. All the turkey chicks were cluck cluck clucking.

Our bank was recently bought out by US Bank, so we got new ATM cards and replacements for our previous credit cards from our old bank. No signatures on any of them. The ATM cards kind of freaked me out since it is connected to our checking account, not a revolving credit card line.