Creeper World 2

I got hooked on the original when I first found out about it from a FP article a few months back and have been waiting for the sequel to be released…and it looks like it has been released about a week ago!

Has anyone tried it yet? I’m downloading the demo now…

I have not tried it yet but I’ll be buying it when I get home for sure.



Then I assume it is time for Creeper World 3.

So it’s a different sort of game than Creeper World. While being a similar sort of game.

It’s a 2d game. Side scrolling. . . well strictly speaking it’s “top to bottom” scrolling (not on every map). Here are the main differences from Creeper world:

  1. Packets are wireless. There’s a lenghty in game explanation of this. Actually, there are lenghty in game explanations of everything. Mercifully, you can skip them. Not sure who thought it was a good idea to put a 20 page conversation in the game (note: each page contains like 3-4 lines tops, but still). That was a bad call, Ripley.

  2. Space is more precious. You spend part of your time tunneling through the ground. Butr you can’t just tunnel everywhere. It takes resources to tunnel, for one (a series of packets are sent to remove the location you select). But you need lots of existing ground so you can build structures. Reactors (for power) mostly. But also tech domes. The Extender thingies (equivalent to the Protoss Pylons in SC1/2) can be built on the side of stuff. But not Reactors/Tech Domes.

  3. There are more resources to manage. Now there’s energy and ore. So far I haven’t noticed the need for ore. There are typically spots you can mine in maps (note, ore extractors can be placed on all sides, which is nice. Also note that you can’t “burn” ore. That is, while htere is a hard limit to how much ore you can have in storage, if you hit that you aren’t wasting ore. The extractors auto power down, and power up when there’s room to extract again).

There’s also tech. Tech domes produce tech points oer time. You spend these on the expected research. Differences now are that everthing has multiple levels, and extra storage (separate categories for both extractors and refineries) are covered by tech and not structures.

I have played like 6 campaign missions and I am enjoying it so far.