Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal


I am pretty sure the second or maybe third mission is all about building 10 reactors in close proximity.


I really liked this game. However, by the end it wasn’t all that challenging. It was more like a puzzle game. Id love to see a 4th with more mechanics.


KnuckleCracker just released their latest game: Particle Fleet Emergence.
Fans of Creeper World should dig it. Space based this time with ship designs. Instead of creep its red particles flying around.
There is a demo, too! I like what I see so far.


Thanks, I will have to check that out after my 3rd Grim Dawn rampage is over, looks great.


I think it had a good amount of mechanics, but it’s true it was more a puzzle game, thought that was more caused by the mission design.


I really, really like Particle Fleet, and I usually can’t stand tower defense.


So, I’m playing Creeper World 3 (as a precursor to Particle Fleet), and before bed I had a quite look on youtube for some videos to see if I can change up my style (and I can: pro-tip: you can super a Bertha!)

Anyway I came across this video:

I guess we should have a Creeper World 4 thread? Not sure how keen I am on the 3d. The 2d aspect of the game is part of the draw for me.


Yeah, looking forward to another creeper world.


Might as well link the newest video

I really need to get back to playing the series, such a chill tower defense… unless you want one of the hard maps, of course.


This is a good vid:


I want!!!


I don’t if anyone else is also interested in CW4, but it’s coming along nicely. I was a bit unsure for a while, but it looks like the same old fun now.


I am most definitely interested in CW4, whenever it comes out.


I can’t believe how much better it looks compared to earlier videos.


I played 3 some years ago already. Are the bombers new or were they too on the third game?


3 has Bombers and Strafers.


That’s a huge improvement in looks over earlier videos, yeah. I love the collector placement here - worlds cleaner than in 3 (and I loved 3, mind you). After the weird mis-step that was Particle Fleet I’m glad it looks like this is a return to form.


Oh man… want!


If you can’t remember bombing blue goop in CW3… Then did you even play the game? ;)

The only way to make up for this mistake is to play countless more hours of CW3!

Ps I’m in love with this game enough that it’s the only YouTube channel that I pressed the bell notification icon for, so I ended up watching that vlog only 10m after it’s upload!

Quite a lot had changed, but he didn’t actively point any of it out!

Also, it’s a shame the ‘temporary’ names he’s given things have stuck, because, like in CW3, he’s awful at naming things e.g. striders.