Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal

I can’t believe how much better it looks compared to earlier videos.

I played 3 some years ago already. Are the bombers new or were they too on the third game?

3 has Bombers and Strafers.

That’s a huge improvement in looks over earlier videos, yeah. I love the collector placement here - worlds cleaner than in 3 (and I loved 3, mind you). After the weird mis-step that was Particle Fleet I’m glad it looks like this is a return to form.

Oh man… want!

If you can’t remember bombing blue goop in CW3… Then did you even play the game? ;)

The only way to make up for this mistake is to play countless more hours of CW3!

Ps I’m in love with this game enough that it’s the only YouTube channel that I pressed the bell notification icon for, so I ended up watching that vlog only 10m after it’s upload!

Quite a lot had changed, but he didn’t actively point any of it out!

Also, it’s a shame the ‘temporary’ names he’s given things have stuck, because, like in CW3, he’s awful at naming things e.g. striders.

Looking good.

(but you should watch at 1.5x)

That really does look good. But I just picked up the other games and will need to get through all 3 + Particle Fleet before buying this one.

I’m 100% positive I’ll stick to that plan, too.

3 is brilliant and obsoletes 1, 2 is an oddity that may or may not be to your taste though I quite liked it. And no one has ever needed to play Particle Fleet, it’s more of a tech demo than a game and best skipped.

I always watch these vids at 2x, and even then he’s speaking pretty slowly. I can’t imagine watching that full vid at 1x! (I think it was originally a live cast)

You don’t!

Play CW3 and then (assuming you don’t get stuck playing the infinite content of CW3…) Particle fleet.

If you still want more Creeper-themed action then play CW2. I don’t think it’s possible, in 2019, to play more than 1 mission of CW1 without being affected by the ancient flash UI and throwing in the towel.

Yep I went with 2x speed on the video and it was fine, I will get this day 1 for sure.

I need to go back and play more Creeper World 3 as I liked it a lot and for some reason got side tracked. I’m probably need to start fresh as I have not idea how to play anymore and I recall thinking some of the tools were a little finicky to use.

I should never watch the videos because it just makes me want to game so badly. When is he releasing?

IIRC he has not said yet.

finally got to see the video. It is looking good!

I’m still going to champion this game, even though I haven’t played the series that much, so, new video!

Some different features and a bit of polish that isn’t going to change anyone’s mind, but it’s looking good as far as I’m concerned.

Looking fantastic. I’ve loved each game in the series more than the last, this may well be my most anticipated game for 2020.

First time looking at a video. Holy shit collectors now go across terrain elevation. My farming fields can now be perfect.