Crime Boss: Rockay City - Michael Madsen, Chuck Norris, Kim Basinger, Vanilla Ice, oh and shooting

It looks like Payday, but with a lot of celebrity faces.

Wait, it’s not a GTA clone? Well that’s a lot less interesting.

Yeah, that’s disappointing. What a misleading trailer!

The developers actually compare it to Defenders of the Crown, hah

Love the Chuck Norris joke references at the end of that video though.

Was gonna call sexism on them making Kim Basinger 29 again while all the dudes are old, but Michael Madsen got a helluva digital makeover too, looking at recent pics, so okay. :)

I like this review: it’s clearly a pretty negative one overall, but they give the game points for going big, at least.

“All snark aside I don’t think I’ve ever played a game quite like Crime Boss: Rockay City. It’s a massive swing and a big miss, with enough force to crack the sound barrier while the ball stays in the catcher’s mitt. It’s neither a cynical corporate cringe like Sharknado, nor is it a low-budget dud you’d expect to see a crew of robot puppets heckle. It’s weird, loud and uncanny.”

If the Nextlander podcast is anything to go by, the reason this hasn’t had more buzz is that it’s godawful and completely pointless given Payday exists.

Yeah, the reviews all seem to be pretty pad.

Disappointed to see this isn’t an expansion of the Cake Boss franchise.

“Rockay” sounds off like some Engrish-mis-translated place name.

You could tell they were aping the movie posters of GTA without any of the gameplay substance.

Thought this was a pretty decent overview of what the game is all about. I’m still not actually interested in playing it, but it does sound a little better than I was thinking.

This game is absolute trash, and I just love it.

Remember all the comments about how we wish there were more solid “B” level games? Well, here you go.

Really hoping this is an Epic giveaway someday…

Spend the $40 and get a fun shooter now. It’s not like there’s really anything else going on right now.

This sentiment makes me want to play it all the more. I think it has just the sort of vibe that I love. Hmm… $40 isn’t that bad…

Full fat patch on this one

I am surprised it got a patch at all. And this looks like a big one comparatively.