Crime Scene Investigation

Let me first apologize profusely to wumpus. In case this game has EVER been mentioned here before, allow me to duly compensate you every bit of money for which your time in this thread may be worth. I’m writing you a check as we speak so as to compensate you for your grievous losses.

That having been said, anyone check out CSI? Pretty fun game. Very linear. Very Very Very linear. As in you simply must do some things in order. For instance, you MUST scan a piece of wood for accelerant before grabbing into your inventory. You just CANNOT grab it from the crime scene now and scan later. I mean the game won’t let you pick it up until you have scanned it (or dusted for prints, etc).

And is it truly possible to finish any particular crime investigation with anything less than like a 90%? I mean to get enough evidence to build a case has to be somewhere near that. It would have been cool if there were actual failure conditions built it, i.e. a “submit to DA” button so that when your investigation was finished, if you didn’t have enough evidence the perp walked.

Story was decent. Some clever crimes and crime scenes were thought up. None of the recurring guest stars from the TV show were in the game. There was some funny dialogue though.

Pixel hunting wasn’t too bad. All of the “targets” were large areas you could find on screen just by waving your mouse around like so much human detritus in TCFH. But there were times when artistic choices appeard to be clues so you’d spend 15 minutes using all of your tools and such on some goofy line in the graphic only to find that it isn’t a hair follicle or dropped thread, but simply a dark line on the background.

I guess what I’m asking for is a version for more hardcore mystery/adventure fans. Like say for those of us who put our lives on hold for that TV show. And buy the books. And the DVD series. And their roommates, too.

Decent game though. If you pick it up, grab the patch before you start. There were some logic bugs that prevented getting 100% evaluations from Grisham and without that you don’t get the bonux material.

Hasn’t been mentioned before AFAIK. Certainly no previous dedicated thread. So you’re safe.

For now.

So how 'bout that MOO3?


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