Crisis in Command League

Periodic status updates will appear in a recent post in this thread.

Current Round (7) (Started Apr 3. Game: Drive on Moscow, Campaign):

Round (6) (Started Dec 23. Game: Drive on Moscow, Campaign): Champion:Bruce S (twopeat! woohoo! :)

Round 6 Results

Round 5 (Dec1 - Dec 29): Champion:Bruce S - I’m sure everyone has been secretly rooting for me to finally win my own tourney, right? ;-)

Round 5 Results

Round 4 (Started Oct 22, Ended Dec 1): Champion:Matt M . Congrats Matt! Matt kicked everyone’s butt in the Premier League except outgoing champ who managed a draw to keep Matt from being perfect.

Round 4 Results

Round 3 (Started Sept 19): Champion: Scott G. Congrats Scott! Scott edges out Matt by previous round standings…

Round 3 Results

Round 2 (Started Aug 16): Champion: Weidong S. Congrats Weidong! Again. Weidong remains the only champion so far!

Round 2 Results

Round 1 Results: Champion: Weidong S. Congrats Weidong!

Round 1 Results

This is an ongoing league where we play Shenandoah Games’ Command in Crisis Series.

The different tables in the league keep track of the players’ success, as they may be promoted up into higher tables or relegated to lower tables depending on how well they do against the opponents they have in their currrent table. New players start in the lower table. In this manner, players with similar skill/luck ( :) ) levels will tend to be grouped together as the league proceeds.

The following are the games/scenarios that may be played in this league.

[li]Faster Pace Play (For players who have time to complete longer games)[/li][LIST]
[li]Drive on Moscow: Full Campaign[/li][li]Desert Fox: Full Campaign[/li][/ul]

[li]Slower Pace Play[/li][ul]
[li]Battle of the Bulge: Full Campaign[/li][li]Drive on Moscow: Operation Typhoon, At the Gates, Zhukov’s Counterattack[/li][li]Desert Fox: Ruweisat Ridge, Second Alamein[/li][/ul]

[B]Beware that this league has some special rules that define victory a little differently than the games on their own do. See details below.

During each round, each player in a table will play a match against each of the other players in their table. The two games in each match must be the same, with the opponents playing one game on each side. But different matches against different opponents in the table may consist of different games, according to both preference and player stated play pace.

For example, in league X, Fred (faster pace), John (slower pace), and Javier (faster pace) will each play a match against each other, and it might look something like this:
[li]Fred vs John: agree to play BotB Campaign - once on each side.[/li][li]Fred vs Javier: agree to play Desert Fox Campain - once on each side.[/li][li]John vs. Javier: agree to play DoM: At the Gates - once on each side.[/li][/ul]

Current League Rules:

[li]As people are added to the tourney, new groups will be added at the bottom to take more players if needed.[/li][li]4 Players per group level is the goal. This means each round of the competition will encompass 6 games for each player, 1 pair of allied/axis games against each other player in the group.[/li][li]Rounds are currently 7 weeks long.[/li][li]Points are awarded as follows:[/li][ul]
[li]Desert Fox:[/li][LIST]
[li]3 Points for an Allied victory.[/li][li]3 Points for an Axis victory.[/li][li]1 Point for both sides for a draw.[/li][/ul]

[li]Drive on Moscow[/li][ul]
[li]3 Points for an Soviet victory.[/li][li]3 Points for an German victory.[/li][li]1 Point for both sides for a draw.[/li][li]1/2 Point for Axis player who enters Moscow and survives there to the next day. (Campaign game only. Soviet resignation automatically confers this bonus as well.) Two reasons for this (imo):[/li][LIST=1]
[li]Historically Moscow was the goal of this offensive. Adds a little emphasis to Moscow target and defense.[/li][li]Imo, axis victory is slightly easier by just taking and holding peripherals and not making any attempt on Moscow. But it more difficult to do this AND enter Moscow, even if just for “show”.[/li][/ul]

[li]Battle of the Bulge (Campaign)[/li][ul]
[li]3 Points for an Allied victory.[/li][li]3 Points for an Axis victory by December 25.[/li][li]3 Points for an Axis victory after December 25 if the Axis at any point controlled a space west of the Meuse.[/li][li]An axis “victory” otherwise is considered a draw, and worth 1 point to both sides. [/li][/ul]

[li]Unfinished games should be conceded by the player who was not able to finish their turns in a timely manner or by the player who felt they were likely to lose. Otherwise it will be considered a draw, with 1 point to both players.[/li][/LIST]

[li]At the end of the round, the top player in the Premier League is the champion for that round.[/li][li]The top player in every other league is promoted to the next league group up, and the lowest player in points is relegated to the next lowest league table (just as in English football.)[/li][li]Ties are broken first by points in head-to-head competition, and then by points against the top 3 players.[/li][li]Ties after that are broken by the rankings the players had in the previous round. The player with the higher ranking the previous round wins the tie.[/li][li]Ties unbreakable by these manners will be determined by a coin toss.[/li][/LIST]

How do you get a draw in DoM?

Panzer corps auggi thoughts:

Mad man great name change (that is why you are the fearless leader) though I will miss the old bob multi . . .

Scott you get a draw if your ending vp total is between the two vp totals for that scenario.

Premiership comrade Stalin is eager to hear what you want to play. Please post your preference so we can make a decision. Wrong answers are rewarded with tree counting practice in Siberia.

It’s all decided by VP. There’s a certain amount (12-15 for the Typhoon scenario I believe) that will result in a draw. You can find it in the Briefing section.

For league purposes:
Eric M / Emos. / Emos

Bruce, is everyone playing Typhoon this round, or is it up to each league. I suggest we all do the same thing because relegation & promotion…

I’d like to join.

Ben EC / benelzch / benelzch

Mad man I think will scarllllllet wanted to be in this round

Scott g I’m not sure what relegation and promotion have to do with what each group plays. Each group could adjust what they play on a round by round basis to meet the needs and wants of its members. I see that as a plus not so much a minus.

In league one there are two votes for campaign Bruce s and Carlo n your thoughts?

Matt it seems to me that if you’re going to promote / relegate players based on outcomes, everyone should be playing the same game. And, it would be better if everyone was playing the same game from the standpoint of timing - or one league will be done while another has weeks to finish. I’m happy with the campaign as well, if that’s what people want to play - I’m planning to get crushed regardless ;^)

I think I’ve added everyone who wanted to play. See post #1 for what league you are in and who to send invites to. Four leagues of four players each, woohoo!

Sorry for not laying down the law here so much as far as what games are played. This is a CiC league, and here is what I propose.

[li] I will (with input) come up with a default game/scenario for the round. For this round, the default will be the Typhoon scenario in DoM. If your league has not decided on something different within 2 days, please just go with the Typhoon scenario…[/li][li]Each league can choose something else within the CiC realm to play. It doesn’t matter if another league is playing something else because all points earned are within a single league table. The time to finish games will still remain. Let’s see how round 5 goes with this and then make adjustments to that scheme if it seems needed. Games unfinished when a round is complete are done (with regards to the league at least.) Hopefully via some sportsmanlike concessions if need be. Otherwise they count as ties. Please see post 2 for more details.[/li][li]I’m making Auggi wait until the bitter end of the current round (4) to be crowned champion. Never pays to thrash the guy running the league, Auggi! ;-)[/li][/ol]

I’m fine with the campaign as well. Carlo?

Hi guys. Can I join when there’s an open seat?
Romain S / Wondgamb / wondgamb

Ben, I have 2 invites to the full campaign from you, but I’m in league 2 and you’re in league 4. Did you mean to send them to me?

League 2 - Tasos, Brooski, & Joe - do you guys want to play the full campaign?

I would love to join too.

Juan Raigada/Juan Raigada/ juanraigada

European timezone, though

League 4, do we just want to start with the Typhoon scenario? I sent out a couple of invites already.

Not sure if I’m 2 or 3 yet, but if 2 I would vote for full campaign too.

Meant to be non-league fun continuing to learn games! If you have time I’d love to play. I’m finding the same feeling I had last year with Bulge, always wanting a game with a move it make! Let me know, happy to take whatever pace.


I vote for the campaign game but obviously will go with the majority!