Crisis in Command League

I love the campaign but think it may prove to be a barrier to completion. To play one campaign game through I’d need at least a month. Are we willing to allow each “season” to last three months?

The time to finish the round is defined in post #2. Even if you are afraid you might not finish in time, you could have a gentleman’s agreement in place for whoever was losing to concede at the end of the round if it came to that (or agree to a draw if it was closer than that.) My guess is that the rounds will continue to be about 6 weeks long.

I’ll add both of you to another table. More people may show up, and if not, then you could play each other in two sets of games.

League 4: I’m OK either doing Typhoon or the full campaign.

I’m happy to try Typhoon for the first round. I’m finding 6 concurrent campaign games a bit hard to do justice to myself.

Above quote from the Drive on Moscow thread. I’ve also reported a couple of bugs with the ratings system - that would not necessarily affect our league scoring.

I played a learning game with SquantoDog that ended with me passing on my last move as the Soviets. The game was a draw with 14 VP and I got the Draw screen. However, when I closed the game, Game Center still showed that I had a move to make in this game. I restarted and replayed my last turn, got the Draw screen again, closed but still had the icon on GC showing my move. As this occurred my Stats showed 1 Draw then 2 Draws. I repeated this process twice more for a total of 4 Draws with my Rating going down each time. I turned OFF the toggle in the iOS settings, Moscow to Restore State and the GC turn indicator stopped showing my turn in this game. However, on my played list of games it does not show a draw for our game.

Reading on the Shenandoah forums there are a number of bug reports.

With this in mind, would it be prudent to start our league with a scenario rather than the full campaign. Maybe by the end of our first round there will be an update to the game with bug fixes. Just a thought. I’ll play what the majority want.

Also, I’ve left the toggle for Restore State off in the settings. Not sure exactly what this does, but it did stop the loop in the above noted situation. Maybe Brooski has some other insights about this toggle?

Another thought on what to play in our first round.

Starting with a scenario (most likely Typhoon) for the League play might give everyone more time to play the other two scenarios outside the league play itself. I’ve played about 10 games of Typhoon with fellow Qt3rs, but wouldn’t mind trying the other two scenarios to see how things play deeper into the campaign.

Comrade Mad man just got off the wire with comrade Stalin he says that there is sure to be room for you on a mule headed east. He made some off hand comment that all who fail to count 100,000 trees a day will be shot. I’m sure such a task will be exciting for you.

League one the deadline set by our soon to be deported leader is fast approaching and no word from Carlo should we go typhoon . . . Let me know the plan!

I’d favor an initial round with Typhoon …

My further insight is that it should be toggled off :)

Ok, league #2 has 2 votes for Typhoon. Tasos, what do you say?

Typhoon sounds good to me

Thanks for that!

Hi All,

Since we don’t want to waste the holidays here, I think we should have this round be the Typhoon scenario for all the leagues. League 5 should plan on playing a second set of games against each other unless another player shows up.

Let’s send out invitations everyone!

Good luck,


Bruce, who is the 4th player for league 2?

Joe Bolt is in league 2 and league 3, so if Joe’s in league 2 who’s in 3?

We were waiting on the outcome of Joe vs. Luca to see who gets promoted to league 2…

It’s early, but I think DOM will have the same dynamic as BOTB - an imbalance in favor of the Axis.

I’ve played 11 full campaign games vs several players. There have been 8 wins by Axis, 1 draw which could easily have been an Axis win (1 point, further explanation below), and 3 wins by the Soviets.

In most cases I’m playing against opponents who are stronger players than I am - my record in this series is 2 wins, 8 losses, and 1 draw - but we’re switching sides so it shouldn’t matter.

Matt & I have played 4 games. He’s a much better player than me. He won as Axis both times easily. I manage a narrow VP win and a draw as Axis.

About that draw. Here’s the situation as of turn 9.

At this point I had 22 VP. I also held Bryansk and Voronehz. If I held them for the remainder if the game, I’d earn 26 more VP. At this point in the game what came to mind was the sheer hopelessness of the Soviet position. If an Axis player in this situation chooses to consolidate rather than advance, the game is more or less over. Sitzkrieg, right?

I chose to keep pressing north, and of course Matt ate my lunch and forced a draw. But Matt killed nearly everything that walked or rolled - great play, Matt! - and still only managed a draw by 1 point, on the very last attack of the game. He was fighting an uphill battle against those +2 per day. Here’s the situation at the end of the game. This looks like a massive Axis defeat to me, but it scores as a draw.

What have you guys seen in your funzies?

sorry I didn’t checked the forum much lately so I’m out of sync.
wrt DtM I still have to digest the new map tactics etc, therefore I would prefer the shorter Typhoon scenario.

The dragon has emerged from its cave! Carlo has spoken! Carlo has spoken holy . . . Fear and pandemonium everywhere. Carlo welcome to the premiership my the odds be ever in your favor ;) typhoon it is :))

Scott lets say I am a luckier player ;) it is always a pleasure to play. Thanks for posting the screen shots. I am terrible at that. In that game all can see how I snatched a draw from the jaws of victory. Well done to you. By turn three I had written the game off as an easy win and then panzers happened :)

You still know the others in your table, so you can start games against them…