Criterion & Turner Classic Movies pair up for new streaming service, Filmstruck


So hyped! An excellent replacement for the void left in the wake of FilmStruck closing. :)


So I joined the Peace Corps and am currently in Ukraine. Does anyone have any advice about how to use a proxy or whatever (I’m not even sure what I’m talking about) to get it in a country that’s not the US or Canada? Is it even possible? (Surely it’s possible, it’s 2018!)


Someone far more technologically savvy than I will go into details, I am sure but what you want is:


I don’t know how effective that sort of region-dodging is anymore, though. Certainly it doesn’t work with Netflix (or anyway they are actively doing their best to block it these days). Other less popular services may be less fussy, I dunno.


So I guess I should’ve said, “sure, it’s impossible it’s 2018!” Ack. Thanks. I do look forward to hear what others have to say, though.


You need a VPN most likely for region switching. NordVPN is popular, but you might want to ask here on the hardware forum or on reddit for something similar to see if anyone has successfully bypassed region check for that service using a VPN. That may mean waiting a bit before trying it out.

Proxy sites usually won’t work, as you need the stream to connect back to you. VPN’s should, however.


Thanks, Skip. @malkav11, to your point, you’dd think so, but every Military guy I know who is stationed overseas today (and I know lot) use them to get their US Netflix or whatever. From Germany to Kenya.


This seems like the right thread: Kanopy just got the whole A24 back catalog.


Wow, thanks! Suddenly Kanopy is a lot more appealing. I just signed up.


Nice if you can get it (which I can’t, last time I checked).

As it turns out, my county’s public schools belongs but not the library system! But, I can get a non-resident card for the county next door, Fairfax County, for only $27.00 a year so that seems like a reasonable thing to do.


I keep looking, and Fairfax County (which I have a card for) isn’t in Kanopy either that I can tell.


Oh wait, @triggercut is right: FCPL is on the list but when you click it, the service says they don’t have it. Why the heck would the library be a choice in the list if it’s not available. Boo!


Man. I was hoping you were gonna tell me “Think again, triggercut!” and make my Friday. Anyway, hopefully soon, Charl, but I’m glad I could save you $27 for now. ;)


Just FYI something you probably already know: DC PL has Kanopy.


Jackpot! And it appears residents of suburban MD and VA counties can get a free DC public library card.


Oh! Do tell!



You normally have to pay for library cards?


If you don’t live in the library district, sometimes, yes.


Yeah, paying is usually only if you’re just visiting.

I think in California, most of the County libraries will give you a card if you’re a resident anywhere in California…dunno if that’s by rule or custom, but that seems to hold throughout CA. I have cards from SF, Alameda, and Contra Costa. I’m thinking of trekking up to Marin County because I can get 10 more Kanopy credits with their card.