Criterion & Turner Classic Movies pair up for new streaming service, Filmstruck


April 8 Launch!


Damn, not available in my region, but I hope my North American friends support this effort so there’s a chance it’ll make it’s way to the Antipodes. :)


I signed up. $10/mo is completely reasonable if we actually use the service. I’ve seen a lot of these, but I didn’t buy many DVDs when that was a thing and now I have children I want to introduce to good movies.

I really hope they take the technical side seriously; effortless streaming is far from commoditized right now, especially if multiple devices are supported.


I agree. I did the year subscription as I will use it a lot. It seemed to take a while to process on Chrome. Hopefully there aren’t any teething problems.


This was an insta-purchase for me, given my disappointment that Filmstruck wasn’t available in Canada. I do have a lot of physical media though.


As do I. A LOT of Criterion DVDs are floating around here. But the streaming availability is so darn convenient.