Critically acclaimed game that you hated

This one is obvious for me:


Although I wouldn’t exactly say it was acclaimed.

Maybe I should say:


Although I wouldn’t exactly say that I hated it.


Civilization III!
Sim City 4!

Utter crap…both of em.

Where do I start?

Xenogears/Xenosaga, Shenmue 1/2, Metal Gear Solid 2, any Resident Evil title: the list goes on and on.

For Charles: Max Payne.

Deus Ex, Homeworld, Quake 3. Let the beatings begin!

It’s not so much that I hate them as much as it is that I just can’t get into them, and then I wonder why. Because, they are critically acclaimed after all. Then I hate that I bought them. I stare at them. This turns into a “I hate that game” feeling, but truthfully, I haven’t gone far enough into the games to hate them.

I’m with you there. Pure garbage.


[size=7]The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time[/size]

Metroid Prime. Complicated button presses just to look around, plenty of reading uninteresting planetary history, tedious backtracking, respawning nuisance monsters, the never-justifiable jumping puzzles in a 3D world. One of the most overrated games in recent memory.

You, sir, have no taste. :twisted:


Age of Empires II
Crimson Skies (neat gameworld concept, most boring game I’ve played in ages)
Syberia (terrible!)
Galactic Civilizations


May the zerg-fleas of a thousand hydralisks descend upon your environment dome. Or something.

For me it was Black and White - massive reviews, so little quality. What a boring and clumsy piece of crap. A classic example of massive overhype and failing to deliver.


Myth: I couldn’t control the camera very well, and it seemed like in every mission I was outnumbered and had to depend on those dwarf guys who threw the bombs to even things out. Most of the time, they just blew themselves or my guys up. Not fun.

Black and White: How did this get good reviews? Not just good reviews, but “this game is revolutionary!” reviews? Did anyone who reviewed this acutally make it to the last level? I hated hearing the villagers whine, I hated the lack of wood, I hated just about all the village management crap. And the creature training wasn’t good enough to compensate.

You and I were born under the same adventure-gaming star, Rywill, I swear it. :lol:

It’s interesting to see threads about Syberia develop on adventure gaming forums, because few games outside of Myst have held such a love/hate relationship with adventure gamers, despite critical acclaim.

It sure was beautiful, but all of the useless hotspots where either nothing happened whatsoever or Kate just said “I don’t need to go there” over and over started to really get to me. It was quite a large, empty world, and Kate’s lack of interaction with it left me cold. Too many of the puzzles were of the boring, lever-pulling variety, too… I’m not big on slow, depressing stories, though, and Kate didn’t have much personality overall, so I think these things also detracted from the game for me…

runs and hides her adventure-gaming head in shame


Descent? Surely you’re trolling.

For me, it’s Black & White, Europa Universalis II, and Civ 3. Much of my hatred stems from games that start out fun but then turn to unbearable tedium. Europa Universalis II, though, sucked right from the beginning.

Morrowind: A huge game without interactivity. bleh.

Oh, rest assured, I am not.

My friends loved the game. I was bored with it. I found myself preferring Doom and Quake to Descent every freakin’ time.

Don’t hate, but I definitely don’t like any FF games I have played.

Morrowind and Mario Sunshine are likely the most recent candidates I would include. Not that I hated them per say, just found them rather dull.

If you’re going to bash a zelda game, bash majora’s mask. Talk about ruinating a good game.

The Longest Journey. (A bunch of random, unmotivated puzzles – it’s basically an unending series of illustrations of all that has been wrong with post-Infocom adventure games, so why do people like it?)

Morrowind. (Lame, dead world that couldn’t hold a candle to Gothic. Zero gameplay, especially with regard to fighting. Frequent loading. Absolutely no je ne sais quoi.)