Critically maligned movie that you loved

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Personally… Driven.


I remember walking out of Joe vs. the Volcano and not feeling like I’d seen a bad movie. Might have had something to do with my long-since-extinguished crush on Meg Ryan, though.

And I loved The Cable Guy.

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Jason X.

2 for Jason X.

Put me down for The Cable Guy, too. I can’t see what all the complaining was about.


Does Final Destination count? I don’t know, if it was lambasted or not. It works for me, for some reason. I enjoy it.

I can’t think of any other movies in my DVD library that were skewered by critics. Except maybe for Half-Baked.


Josie and the Pussycats.

And at least half an hour of Monkeybone.

Both Final Destination movies.

Jason X
Howard the Duck
Ace Ventura 2

Dune - but I’ve never read the book(s) so had no grounds to feel bitter about anything.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike back. Look I know it sucked donkey balls big time, but I enjoyed the final 5 minutes of them flying around kicking the crap out of 12 year old nerds who’d called them names on the net.

Carry on Up the Khyber.

Glitter. Without a doubt.

I fucking love that movie.

Lawnmower Man (non-theatrical release)


Intentionally or not, it’s hilarious

Starship Troopers, and not just for the boobies.

Dungeons and Dragons, although this may be because it’s like watching a car accident. Jeremy Irons is so obviously putting up with a crap part in a crap movie that you can just about hear him say, “I’ll be in my trailer” at the end of each scene.

Armageddon. It gets all kinds of shit for some reason, but it’s a much better movie than similar Bruckheimer crap like Gone In Sixty Seconds or Pearl Harbor.

I disagree. Gone In Sixty Seconds lacks Ben Affleck. Therefore, Gone In Sixty Seconds > Armageddon or Pearl Harbor.

I’ll second that. It was practically a documentary about the record industry, down to the “taking over the world” shit, and yet it was lambasted regarding its product placement.

Someone, a whole LOT of someones, JUST didn’t get it, and it was pretty damned obvious, even to a simpleton such as myself.

I remember falling asleep in the theatre watching that movie. This is despite the fact that Meg Ryan is in the movie. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed Kate and Leopold which did get some rather bad reviews.