Crocodile Dundee Returns????

So, like, this could be a super bowl commercial, or it could be legit.

I must admit I did not see the Kenny Powers angle coming.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisiton (or Kenny Powers)

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it’s a pain on a phone


Look, Life is a pain for sure, especially with the orange one fucking everything up. Just let me post nonstop on my phone, dad.

No, I am afraid you have now lost your phone privileges for a week.

Rimfire Films is the name of Paul Hogan’s production company that produced Crocodile Dundee, so if it’s just a skit they did a bit of research. The company was created following the Australian Film Commission’s reluctance to fund a ocker/larrikin comedy that could potentially paint the country in a bad light abroad, ala the Barry McKenzie films. They wanted Aussie cinema to be recognized for Peter Weir and Beresford fare, but thanks to Paramount getting involved, Crocodile Dundee was one of the most successful independently produced films ever (second highest grossing film of 1986, just half a million behind Top Gun).

Has anyone watched the original lately? There’s no way it would be considered family-fare in the twenty-first century.

I think it’s legit, I saw a quote from Hogan saying more info was coming soon.

It looks terrible. :)

Indeed, terrib… LY AWESOME ✨

YES! Want! :)

I must give that trailer credit: in less than 30 seconds it has saved me from possibly wasting 90 minutes of my life.

Yikes. There’s isn’t much in the ‘trailer’, and what’s in there is painfully unfunny or uninteresting. I really like Danny McBride, but if him handling the knife is supposed to be funny, it doesn’t bode well for the rest. I mean, seriously, even the delivery of the classic “That’s a knife.” quip is shit.

It’s a teaser trailer. Just enough to start the conversation. Lots of movies do it.

Danny McBride is basically the opposite of Paul Hogan. So this could be funny but I doubt it’ll feel like a Crocodile Dundee remake or sequel.

Maybe the movie will be a lot of fun, but that was an awful trailer.

That trailer did a wonderful job of telling me that I do not want to see this movie.