Crocodile Hunter: Why has no one stopped this man yet?

I’m sure this movie will do better than it should. Which will only encourage a sequel. If he lives that long, that is. I’ve watched his show a few times. The man’s crazy! Enjoy him while he’s around, folks. He’s most likely going to be eaten.

Because wondering when he’s gonna get it is part of the charm.

The movie looked relatively amusing when I thought it was just gonna be a two-hour version of his show: Him and his wife chasing dangerous animals with perhaps some gratuitous sex and nudity thrown in for good measure. That I might have watched. Then they threw in all this crap about a satellite and people chasing them and…Well, that pretty much blew it for me.

Is this like “Spice World”, but with reptiles?

I’m with Murph on this one. I don’t want plot; I want wacky reptile wrangling antics!

  • Alan

I have been wondering what people in America think of Steve Irwin. As an Australian I have seen news reports of Steve’s fanatical following in other countries.

As for us Aussies, Steve is a bit of a joke. No one takes him that seriously and he certainly does not have any sort of celebrity status in this country.

I can only stomach watching his TV show for no more than a few minutes. The guy is on crack !

And no - 90% of Australians do not talk like Steve.

I knew at least one person who frequents these boards was from Austrailia. It was Sean. I was kinda hoping for your take on this guy. Pretty much like I figured. Kinda like how Michael Jackson is popular in every country except ours.

Sean, perhaps you can clear up another misconception for me?

I heard from an Aussie I used to know that no one down there drinks Foster’s beer and it’s pretty much regarded as piss-water. True? Or was it just that guys opinon?

Just curious, a buddy of mine drinks it like he heard the brewery was going to close tommorow.

Personally I’m hoping for a remake of “The Gods Must Be Crazy.” But, hey, that’s just me.

Well, for one, noone drinks fosters. Plenty of other beers are more popular than Fosters.

As for Steve Irwin, well, if they had an episode where a croc took a chunk out of him, then i’d watch the show, but it doesn’t rate that well here.


Well I can only speak for myself and some of my friends. Yes Fosters and Victoria Bitter are considered cheap and nasty in this country. They’re mainly drunk by young guys with not a lot of money who aren’t particularly interested in the taste and who are more interested in the alcohol content.

Good beers that my friends and I drink include :

Crown Lager
Asahi Super Dry (Japanese beer)
Tooheys Extra Dry
Hahn Ice

to name a few.

In Tijuana they sell Coronas 3 for a dollar Sean. It’s very low quality beer sold at a huge markup to foreigners. Probably much like Fosters which isn’t a cheap beer over here.

LOL! Thanks for that Andrew. Well I do like the taste of Corona even if it is considered “overpriced piss” !

Yeah, but Andrew… EVERYTHING is three for a dollar in Tijuana. Prostitutes are three for a dollar in Tijuana! (Or so I’ve heard.)

Actually, Corona is one of the few cheap beers I like, but usually I’ll go for a Dos Equis (which is only slightly less cheap) if I’m in the mood for a Mexican beer. Usually while eating Mexican food.

Not sure how this turned into a beer thread… Oh wait there it is, my fault. I started it up asking about Foster’s.

Trivial bit of the day: In case anyone was wondering, here in California, the ratio of Mexican restaurants of to citizen’s is 1 to 1, not including the Taco Bells, which nobody here considers to be Mexican food.