Cronulla Racism in Australia

In case you haven’t heard there is some serious racial rioting going on in Cronulla, Australia.

Some of the pictures are intense and not for the weak hearted.

I am keeping a list of blogs that are reporting and posting pictures about the Australian riots. Some of these first hand accounts of racially motivated beatings are unreal.

Send me blog links and I will post them.

Damn. That is really something else.

Sydney erupted into a second night of racial violence as gangs of young men of Middle-Eastern appearance attacked people in streets and smashed cars and shop windows in the city’s southern and western suburbs, police said.

…says the linked Grabbr page, but reading the stories it seems to be the other way around - looks like gangs of whites attacking people of ME appearance.

EDIT: Ah, these are the retaliation attacks.

It’s something that has been simmering for quite a while. A couple of years ago we had some gang rapes done by groups of middle-eastern guys (mainly Lebanese I believe) against young Anglo girls. They’ve never really gotten over that stereotype.
The next bit of bad press was when a group of ME guys attacked and bashed three lifesavers at a popular beach. As far as popular icons go, lifesavers are just a bit under ANZACs and level with bushfire fighters. You just don’t fuck with them and get away with it. This incident then made people bring other grievances to the table about the ME gangs on the beach- they’re exclusively male and are pretty aggressive, obnoxious and sexually harrass the Anglo girls who are at the beach. Next thing you know, locals and various types of riff-raff are buying a few slabs of beer, wearing a flag around their shoulders and wandering around the beach looking for a few ME types to bash. Queue a few gutsy (or ignorant) ME types (or even Bangladeshi students, apparently) who wander by and you end up with a mob chasing a few people. There was a strong police presence but that didn’t deter the patriots/white trash/racist hatemongers (you choose).
It’s not the sort of thing we do down here, but the Islamic community has a huge job convincing the Australian community that it brings value to our nation. Every time something like this happens, the media reminds us that 40% of Lebanese males are on welfare, that they view white women as sluts, they refuse to assimilate, yadda yadda yadda.

As for the retaliation attacks, apparently some white guys were filming people going into a mosque to pray. Next thing you know, a mob of arabic guys has surrounded them and offered payback.
I don’t know how this is all going to be resolved.

Thats pretty much it Peter. The gang rapes increased the tension but there has always been a simmering hatred of Lebanese people. I remember as far back as being at primary school the dislike of Lebanese.

It was only a matter of time before something sparked the powder keg off.

It doesn’t help that Howard is a complete dipshit who won’t admit there’s a racism problem in Australia - having grown up next door, it’s bloody obvious (to me, anyway) that there is.