Crossfire - The biggest online FPS that you're not playing

Just weird about the Asian obsession with slutty looking Western women.

TL;DR Counterstrike 1.5 clone that mastered the cosmetic monetization stuff CS introduced much later. Optimized for a place where consoles never took root for a variety of reasons, but cheap PCs did.

…you have my attention…

I’m disappointed this isn’t based on the CNN show Crossfire.

Here’s a look at the successor that was co-developed by Remedy.

Does Company B trying to “replicate the success [in the West]” of Company A usually work?

I don’t have hard numbers, but League of Legends and PUBG certainly made a ton of money off doing exactly that. Valorant looks like it may succeed as well.

Maybe I am dead inside, but that trailer didn’t make me want to play this.

Who ordered some Engrish? “We deal with any job like a demon?”

Hahaha. This is still a thing.

The new Remedy game. I’m looking forward to it.


Many unable to access campaign content.

You had one job.

It’s clear that we have inadvertently disappointed many of our players and fans that have stuck with us for a long time. You mean everything to us and I felt that you deserved more than just a simple patch note, which is why I wanted to take this opportunity to personally apologize for the current state of the game, take you through exactly how we plan to address the issues and ultimately ask for a chance to make it all up to you.

The (few) available reviews of this have been brutal. Sad to see Remedy has come to this.

Crossfire X shutting down in May.

So how do you have the biggest online FPS game if no one is playing it? Was it all bots vs bots? :D

Crossfire X is different from Crossfire.