Crossy-Pac-Man; Pac-Man 256 is Glitchy, Endless Fun (FREE!)

I really like Crossy Roads, not sure if we have a thread on it anywhere (we probably should) or not but Hipster Whale just put out another game, called Pac-Man 256. It’s an endless runner, based on the famous glitch level in Pac-man the glitch is eating the level while you move forward eating pellets, collecting gold, unlocking power ups, and devouring terrified ghosts.

It’s awesome fun, and it’s free (there are ads you can watch to earn coins, you can collect coins in game, you can use credits to use power ups, and credits auto-regenerate every 10 minutes, stuff like that, it’s nothing egregious that I’ve seen).


Love the game, wish there was a PC or console version so I could use real controls.

It works with my ipega bluetooth controller on Android, if you feel like spending $30 on a free game.

I really dislike how you control Pac Man with vertical and horizontal swipes, while the playing surface is slanted. I found myself making diagonal swipes by mistake and having them not register. Really poor control design. Otherwise, its great.

After the relative purity of Crossy Road (100% cosmetic IAP), Pac-Man 256’s free-to-play bloat is rather disappointing. (I’m heavily inclined to blame Bandai Namco.) I’m glad there’s a free play mode that doesn’t have said bloat, so that I don’t have to worry about the stamina-gated mode with power-ups that can be upgraded but have real-time build timers on those upgrades.

Also, it’ll never stop being funny having the game advertise Android games at me on iOS.