Cruella - Disney's dognapper now in live-action

She’s Joker now?

Disney needs to stop with these live action remakes, was even one of them good?

I guess they print money , but they just seem unnecessary.

If there’s one character from the back catalog that deserves prequel treatment, it might be Cruella (well, or Ursula, but that’s trickier live action). The idea that Cruella and Anita were flatmates in college or whatever raises more questions than it answers.

The direction this is going is…a weird one though.

So, they’re simply giving another villain the Malificent treatment via the way of Harley Quinn? Original.

I wasn’t going to write off the idea, but the trailer left me ambivalent.

Maleficent was freaking awesome. I started watching the sequel and through no fault of the film, forgot and haven’t finished - I think of it when I spin up WandaVision and see it waiting patiently for me to get back to, and then WandaVision ends I go back to Hulu or Netflix. Kind of my bad, but it started off well at least.

I just don’t get why Disney cartoon villians need movies of their own, backstories. I couldn’t care less what Cruella De’Vil’s backstory is, and certainly not if it tries to redeem or humanize or excuse her in some way (which admittedly this doesn’t appear to do).

it is just a cash grab, pure and simple. Disney could put out a 90-minute movie of Ryan Reynolds taking a dump and idiots would flock to see it.

It would just be a remake of Armando’s vastly superior film.

It better have that See My Vest song or it’s a total failure.

I feel like you’re suggesting that Disney’s concern is the popularity of its media offerings rather than artistic innovation.

Isn’t it an IP-preserving move? That’s like a round-about cash-grab, at least.

Frankly, I’d rather have a different take on a story in the Maleficent/Cruella mode than a live-action or CGI remake like Beauty & the Beast or Lion King. The latter is completely unnecessary; the former has a chance of being entertaining.

Apparently Cruella in the original 101 Dalmatians books is an excellent weirdo. She has a husband, and an estate where all the furniture is black, and has dinner parties where everything is coated in black pepper to the point of being inedible, but that people for some reason still decide to attend? I’d be interested in an adaptation of that character.

Those books also involve dogs that are literal space aliens though, so really I would be on board for a direct adaptation of the books.

Yup. I didn’t love Maleficent, and the sequel was garbage, but at least it tried something different by adding to a character that’s one-note in the original movie. Cruella at least has a chance of showing something new.

The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Jungle Book remakes were exactly that. Boring!

I know those words, but that sentence makes no sense.

A clip made its way through twitter just recently showing the scene that causes Cruella to become so angry at Dalmatians (not going to post it directly).

It is something else.

According to the thread, the leadup to the scene is even crazier, but I didn’t go looking for that. I am content to let Cruella pass from memory now.

After proclaiming he was done with Disney live adaptations, Chris Stuckmann still ended up enjoying this one quite a bit.

Wife and I watched it. Definetly not a kid friendly Disney movie.

I just saw it. Not a kids movie, though mostly because it’s not aimed at kids. There are two objectionable scenes that might scare little ones, but the rest is fine. Kids will be bored however. The whole thing is a bit boring, though both the Emmas really get to chew the scenery multiple times.

I’m not sure how Cruella in this movie becomes the bad person in 101 Dalmatians. She’s ruthless and willing to break the law in this movie, but that’s about the extent of it. She’s not someone who would want to hurt a bunch of puppies, though, so that will have to be changed or justified in 101 if they do it.