Crusader, Fireteam, Alien Swarm?

Any fans of the first two playing Alien Swarm, a top-down cooperative multiplayer mod for UT2004?

It’s OK. Public multiplayer is routinely atrocious, though–too many newbs.

Holy moly… didnt know anyone here really remembered FireTeam… a great classic that didn’t get the attention it deserved (what a surprise…coming from ex-LookingGlass’ers!), a game created by talented dev’s such as Art Min, Harvey Smith, and many others (Xemu, didn’t you also help with the game?). It’s funny you mention it…I was actually wearing my FireTeam t-shirt the other night thinking how cool it would be to play that game again.

Alien Swarm looks promising, but I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet. It was created by the same people who made Thievery UT (a great Thief UT mod!).

I’m playing it… and yes, it rocks. It rocks like a big pile of rocks - well, if you really like rocks, and these were some extraordinary rocks that were also free. Then, you could say it rocks like those ones, but piled up.

Remember Alien Breed from Team-17? Yeah… but multiplayer. If you don’t remember it, I suggest you start googlizing and you’ll go “Aha!”

Is there a way to switch to a first-person view? I don’t like the top down perspective.

i strongly doubt it.


Very slick, very well done. Takes awhile to get used to the controls but once thats taken care of you have a commercial quality mod to enjoy.

havent tried co-op yet.

should get some top honors for the make Something Unreal contest.

speaking of which, there should be a flood of releases this week as the contest deadline is the 6th. From what I’m reading theres some pretty amazing stuff on its way.

With an engine as pretty as UT2K4 it seems shameful not to offer this in a first person mode. I know it would sort of shift the game’s overall goal of being more strategic but I also think it would be a major hit in an FPS style as well. Hell, even an isometric 3/4 view would be better than straight top down. It looks real interesting but I cannot take that straight down viewpoint.

Your skills are weak, old man.

No. That’s the whole gimmick of this mod… the top-down view.

Great find Xahlt!

Yep, I helped with some of the initial design of Fireteam and on some of the very early stage prototypes of the game. Definitely a game way ahead of it’s time. :)

With that, you have just surged into the lead as my hero at Qt3. I so loved that game.

I’m pretty sure it was slashdotted and SHACKNEWS’D! and what have you so I can’t take any credit. Also not really my thing :) but I figured it would appeal to the QT3 FT and C:NR boosters.

I’d loved to see a REAL Crusader game with the Unreal 2004 engine, Man that was one of my favorite games. Shame that EA owns it which means we’ll never see another.

that won’t last forever though. People will learn to play and they have to start somewhere.

I’m placing my vote for: Alien Swarm kicks ass! It’s a blast, and a great throwback to some of the old school 2D shooters. It requires a pretty good amount of tactics. It’s got a very compelling co-op mode! The level of immersion is also very well done. Only drawback I’m seeing at the moment is that it’s hard as hell. But then, my skill level is probably pretty low, so it might be easy for some of you.