Crusader Kings 3 - Downton Abbey for the 12th Century

County development.

Schemes, secrets and hooks. Oh my…

I love the sound of these three systems… I also like that the character portraits have different poses, never noticed that before.

This really sounds like a great improvement in terms of clarity for doing a lot of the interpersonal stuff that makes the game so awesome.

It seems like they could allow plotters to know the secret about each other, but not use it as a hook, though I suppose as an abstraction you can just assume the secrets shown are the usable ones not literally every secret the person knows.

It’s becoming clear I am going to be so horrifically bad at this game all 500 hours I’ll undoubtedly spend on it.

A later dev qoute

characters can also carry recessive traits… those are not visible, but can be inherited by their offspring!

Courtiers are mostly non-permanent and will move around courts every so often looking for a more permanent station. Wonder what they’re doing to keep the population in check.

I know this will be a game like CK2: one that hits every positive button on me, one that should be an obsession for me, one I will buy immediately…

then bounce off of after struggling with “form your begotsekaine” and “how do you want to lobspoke your pecmaine?” etc.

This is me down to a t.

You just need to keep with it… once you successfully form begotsekaine and lobspoke a few times it becomes second nature and then you have a sandbox you can play happily in for hundreds of hours!

Heaven forbid you lobspoke prior to forming begotsekaine though. Every one knows that’s DUMB and your dynasty will be over by 1314AD.

And another week

I think fdsaion get tired of speaking alone, but this is a good one.
Tutorials and tooltips and wikiencyclopedias

Yeah the last 5ish diaries being essentially context-less lists of things (without knowing their real game impact) was very boring.

Also have I mentioned I still don’t like the skill tree?

Ingame wiki seems good though, I presume it also automatically updates based on the underlying data files as well?