Crusader Kings 3 - Downton Abbey for the 12th Century

I don’t know that CK2 was much better at launch, a ton of stuff was added with all the DLC over time.

One of the more disturbing achievements to go for is “A Perfect Circle: Have only two distinct parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.”

This was the end result, I felt sorry for the girl:

Have we heard anything about DLC plans?

Ha! I’m not sure what those two red traits on the right are, but yeah, she’s not looking very good for a 24 year old.

That’ll be spindly (extra thin, minor health and attraction opinion penalty) and inbred (the big negative trait, -5 all stats among other bad stuff)

Game Pass version updated just now.

The new ruler designer is top notch!

They need to put more events in before I head back to the game, even though the ruler designer looks magnificent. I just got so burned out seeing the same thing in finitum that by the end, the game felt mechanical instead of organic. Bring on the DLC!

I’m impressed she managed a 9 in diplomacy. :)

I purchased this a while back for my laptop but haven’t done more than start it to look at it. I tried REALLY hard to get into CK2 but all the dothmogges and purliredi inheritance and building up your zabzikkes before you can glomsette created a wall I just bounced off of, in spite of it appearing to be the type of open RPG I’d love to get lost in.

So - with the holidays coming up I want to really get into CK3. What are the best tutorials to get me over the hump and into playing the game? Thanks.

CK3 will do a much better job than CK2 in introducing you to the game. As such, probably better to just jump in first instead of looking at lets plays on youtube.

The game is GREAT, it will be very hard for Cyberpunk to topple this as my GOTY but I am happy for it to try.

Just start playing, for sure. Look up stuff in the wiki that you don’t understand, but for your first game or 3, just try to play your ruler and treat it like a story generator, not a game to “win”.

I get all bogged down in how I should be playing the game, and forget to just have fun with all the crazy shit that happens. If you can hang with that style of play, I highly recommend it. Follow the prompts, but don’t worry too much about, for example, a ‘powerful vassal is angry at you b/c they want a spot on your council’. If you don’t have an open slot for them, or their stats suck, screw 'em! Let 'em be mad! They’ll start a fun plot against you or do something hilariously petty sometime down the line, and you’ll know why.

My first game I played as the tutorial character, then for my second I played as the king of Bohemia, who starts with several Duchys and many vassals. That was great fun, and I was able to expand and create quite a good little kingdom in his lifetime, pressing claims of my wife and other vassals.

On the road (visiting a daughter who takes care of mentally and physically handicapped people and cant’ travel so we went to her for Thanksgiving) so no PS5 so jumping into CK3 while we sit on the sofa of our AirBnB drinking coffee.

However, Paradox has come out with a great series of videos to introduce game concepts. If you’re traveling and have access to youtube, I recommend them. Also, partyelite’s videos are very good.

Agreed. I would just start by playing, see what you pick up, look for things that confuse you or just ask here.


I have never managed to achieve this in a Paradox game before, took me 130 hours of great fun! I got close in HoI4, but it released an expansion with an achievement I gave up on getting before I could get 100%.

I think I need to finally try playing a different game for awhile, or else I will start dreaming about vassals and education traits and great holy wars. Just as an aside, I find that my opinion of a Paradox game at launch is very highly correlated with the number of hours until I elect to take a break:
Stellaris ~ 40 hours
Imperator: Rome ~ 60 hours
Hearts of Iron IV ~ 90 hours
Crusader Kings 3 ~ 130 hours
Europa Universalis IV ~ 150 hours


OK, REALLY basic question. I want to find a spouse. For me or my son/heir (he has a title so apparently I can’t arrange a marriage for him?) So I am unmarried, it seems. Starting with the standard Petty King Mruchard in Ireland. So I click on Find Spouse, see the list, but when I click on the face of the one I want to marry, they don’t go into the “Spouse” side next to my guy. Clicking on my choice just brings them up on the left. What am I missing - how do I actually pick someone to go into the Spouse slot next to me in the arrange marriage screen??

And NVM! Apparently clicking on their face is not the right way to pick - click on the box of traits. Duh