Crusader Kings - Huge New Patch (1.05)

For those interested, the huge Crusader Kings 1.05 patch is now out (after the long public beta):

Crusader Kings 1.05 represents a massive undertaking in overhauling many game mechanisms, introducing many new features, and completely reworking and rebalancing almost all aspects of the game. This offical 1.05 enhancement was more than 18 months in the making; and would have been impossible without the support of Paradox’s development team; the tireless dedication of a small group of betas; and most importantly it would never have happened without the continued interest of our fans in the Public Beta forum who have devoted countless hours making suggestions, posting feedback, testing, and assisting us with events and text translations…and so much more.

The following list of changes is only a general overview of the primary differences between 1.05 and 1.04. To view a complete and detailed list; please see the change logs that accompanied each of the 34 distinct public beta patches:





  • Created new system of cyclical Crusades with varying targets based on game situation. The game will now consist of a series of shorter crusades, with periods of peace in between. The end of a crusade will occur at some time after the crusade target (as identified by hovering your mouse over the crusade flag) has been captured; and will happen sooner if surrounding provinces have also been captured.
  • Introduced massive events to control Crusades and provide flavour while Crusades occur.
  • The AI has been made reactive to Crusades and powerful rulers are likely to embark on aggressive campaigns in support of them.


  • The maximum demesne size is now based on the ruler’s INTRIGUE rating and not the ruler’s stewardship rating.
  • The Martial stat of the ruler and the marshal now determines the recruitment speed for the provincial regiments.
  • Difficulty no longer affects regiment size, only speed of recruitment.
  • Removed tax rate impact on regiment size.
  • The Byzantine demesne bonus has been reduced.
  • Rulers can now press the claims of co-belligerent vassals and/or courtiers if the ruler lacks his own claim.
  • Peace is now enforced for all vassals (and vassals of vassals) when a liege makes peace. This includes truce periods.
  • Higher titles (duke and king level) can now be created even if all provinces are held by your vassals and no demesne is present.
  • Granting a Duchy/Kingdom title will also grant appropriate vassals.
  • Destroyed titles may be recreated with only 1 province if a claim exists to the destroyed title.
  • Titles are no longer destroyed by taking all demesne if the ruler still has vassals.
  • New vassals are 100% loyal.
  • Vassals very distant from liege demesne may break away.
  • Vassals that become independent due to religious differences receive a claim on the liege.
  • Vassals now sorted in loyalty order for liege.
  • Vassals may now become rebellious if they are far away from their liege, or if they have a very high intrigue level, or if their liege has a very poor intrigue level, or if they are a different religion than their liege. This can lead to increased chances that they will attempt to assassinate their liege; or they may even attempt to initiate a civil war.
  • Fixed assignment of Bishoprics from the Papal Controller’s court to exclude married courtiers or those with court rank.
  • Provinces that are a considerable distance from the demesne capital will tend to dissolve into anarchy and rebellion. When a human ruler is leading a regiment, any parts of his demesne that are far away from his current location (including provinces near the demesne capital!) may also be subject to revolt and thievery.
  • The Pope can no longer inherit titles.
  • The Pope receives base prestige equal to the Papal Controller per month. Some events now give the Pope and those around him extra piety.
  • Only rulers may be excommunicated by the Papal Controller.
  • Provinces converting to non-Christian lose all Christian buildings.
  • Moslem ruler succession can sometimes trigger interesting (and tumultuous) results.
  • Adjusted frequency of female birth and random spawning.
  • Added loyalty adjustment for liege laws.
  • Rulers are limited to one alliance, although it is possible to exploit this by responding affirmatively to two (or more) simultaneous offers.
  • Now possible to agree when a courtier thinks they would “be a better” court member which will automatically promote them into that position.
  • Bankruptcy now degrades fortifications instead of removing them.
  • Formation of a Crusader State from within your lands is a boon to a ruler rather than a penalty.
  • Implemented terrain restrictions on province buildings. No more advanced lumber industry in the desert.
  • Tweaked province buildings/improvements cost, time, and effects.
  • Rebalanced pillage gold and piety effects based on buildings and province effects.
  • You should no longer be pested by non-coreligionist courtiers seeking officer positions in your court.
  • The Pope and Patriarch are now only annoyed if you appoint heathens to court officer positions, but not if you simply have some unemployed ones in your court. However; the Pope will complain if you appoint Orthodox court officers during a crusade so players should generally avoid doing so except under extreme emergencies.


  • Combat losses now displayed in results window.
  • Regimental commanders of different religions will not claim lands for themselves but for the ruler while at war vs. religious enemies.
  • Thieves, smugglers, and highway robbers are now more likely to spring up when the province regiment is away.
  • Mercenary system now changed so mercenaries are sometimes useful.
  • Tweaked many combat values to increase shock and reduce losses. Much more likely to see routs and less annhilation.
  • Naval transport costs vastly increased and slowed speed. Extremely expensive to sail directly to religious enemy.


  • Completely redesigned the Mongol Hordes, their initial armies, their wants, desires, succession preferences.


  • The plague may now appear and almost any time and will spread not only through provinces, but also through courts.
  • God now looks unfavorably on heathens, heretics, etc who somehow get control of (or could inherit control of) the Papacy of Religious Orders.
  • Heretic provinces now red on religion map.
  • All trait effects have been rebalanced. The previous “lisp” and “stutter” traits have been combined into the “lisp” trait, and the “intestinal worm” and “leper” traits have been eliminated. Three new traits have been introduced: “rebelliousness”, “realm duress” and “parental upbringing”. Rebelliousness means that a vassal is considering declaring independemce, or that he might attempt to wreak havoc within his liege’s realm. Realm duress is a trait that a liege will receive if one or more of his vassals is attempting to initiate a civil war. Until he can regain stability by putting down all signs of rebellion, he will be at far greater risk of further uprisings. Parental upbringing is a trait given to a child when a ruler has decided to take a more direct hand in his or her education. It willl usuaully only occur for the player’s immediate family.
  • Full name and title is now the default for event effects.
  • Mortality rates have been increased for all characters except for rulers and primary heirs
  • Capitals now have some inertia.
  • The restriction that removed chaste and lustful traits from younger characters when loading a save game has been removed.
  • Random male courtiers will be generally a bit younger than before.




  • AI of ALL religions will now grant titles (including setting up new counties and duchies)
  • AI is now smarter at deciding when to accept a marriage proposal - especially when the target is a court member.
  • AI Rulers will now attempt to pledge allegiance to default rulers (duke/king) under some conditions.
  • AI tweaked for court position assignment.
  • AI no longer claims titles of religious enemies.
  • AI now grants Ducal titles to appropriate counts.
  • AI now much, much smarter in wars and with mobilization of troops.
  • AI now avoids revoking titles when vassals are disloyal.
  • AI more likely to ally when marriage/family ties are involved.
  • AI no longer automatically involves itself in inter-vassal wars.
  • AI Kings more likely to Crusade.
  • AI lieges will demand support of vassals on Crusade.
  • AI Catholic rulers are less likely to accept muslim neighbours
  • AI should no longer appoint court officers who aren’t co-religionists.




  • Added events for varying Heresies.
  • Added in-depth system of child educational events
  • Added a series of events making it more difficult to control non-religion provinces.
  • Added a series of events to better model Mongol Horde succession.
  • Added several series of events based on the court members.
  • Added a series of events based on realm laws.
  • Tweaked technology spread and discovery events for realm tier and current status (war, crusading, etc).
  • Added a series of events that destabilize the Byzantine Empire.
  • Added a series of intrigue events for vassals to get uppity.
  • Crusader States will attempt to form themselves when Catholics make gains in the Holy Land.
  • The Pope will ask nicely for Rome back, should you have it and should he be homeless. Beware saying ‘No’.
  • Added a siege event that could speed a siege… or not.
  • Cultural and Religious Conversion events re-coded. Repeatedly. And then a few more times. And then once more.
  • Added a series of events for bastard children to either turn into William the Bastard… or die horribly.
  • Added a series of events for bastards to disrupt courts if they are so inclined.
  • Added a series of regency events for child rulers. Beware your vassals.
  • Made some logical adjustments to bankruptcy events defining what you can and cannot steal.
  • The Pope and Patriarch get very unhappy when your court is run by heathens. Especially while a Crusade is in effect.
  • Chancellors and Stewards impact length of revolts and province wealth.
  • New ultracomplex event for distant vassals to break free from their lieges.
  • New even more ultracomplex events added to make it rather difficult to maintain law, order, and loyalty in demesne provinces that are distant from the demesne capital (i.e. are not in the same area or an adjacent area). The player will also be at some risk of two of these events whenever the demesne’s ruler is far away at war (an approximation of Prince John’s treachery when Richard was off on crusade). The AI is not subject to this latter case since it could be too hard for it to manage.
  • Added several battle and siege oriented events.
  • Added a new event that no one expects, and that will do something with fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and a fanatical devotion to the…er…




  • Added “type = papacy” to event_effects file.
  • Added “on_crusade” condition. Returns true on at war with Crusade target.
  • Added condition to prevent any crusade starting (except “Retake Rome”) if Rome is owned by a non-Catholic.
  • Added a “province” condition to check province religion/etc.
  • Added “type = court value = n” check for more than ‘n’ adults in a ruler’s court.
  • Added target “this” for further character events for the current target.
  • Added target “knight” for random adult male courtier.
  • Added “crusade_target_owner” to determine owner of the current crusade’s target province.
  • Added “declare_war” effect.
  • “remove_regiment” effect fixified.
  • Added “type = pregnant” condition.
  • Added province condition “is_besieged”
  • Added the ‘papacy_csc’ and ‘controller_csc’ csc conditions for character conditions.
  • “papacy” and “controller” are now valid targets for character event effects.
  • Added an ‘any_enemy’ csc condition for characters.
  • Added an ‘is_alive’ condition.
  • Added a ‘primary_heir’ which is true if first heir to his fathers primary title.
  • Added a ‘other_heir’ which is true if a heir but not the first heir to his fathers primary title. seems not to be working at present
  • Added a ‘primary_heir’ csc for characters.
  • Added a ‘primary_heir’ target for character effects.
  • Added a ‘other_heir’ target for character effects, which picks a random heir which is not the primary heir of current char.
  • Added a ‘badboy’ event effect for characters.




  • Changed network protocal from tcp/ip to directplay internal.




  • It is no longer possible to be at war with oneself.
  • Female court members no longer lose assigned position when married to a courtier.
  • Heretics and Excommunicated courtiers no longer granted bishoprics or Papacy.
  • Siege and Occupation no longer reset on ruler death.
  • Claims should no longer be received against religious enemies via event.
  • Fixed faulty logic in health related events.
  • Fixed nested event errors possibly responsible for many CTDs.
  • Characters with 0 or less piety (or “scum of the earth” badboy) can not be canonized.
  • Low fertility characters now less likely to sire bastards.
  • Only christians can build churches, monasteries, templar houses, etc.
  • Fixed the elusive Virtual Function Call CTD (and there was much rejoicing)
  • Fixed hordes of CTDs and other bugs.
  • Eliminated possibility to get multiple claims on the same title.
  • It should be impossible for a character to receive two educations now.
  • RND seeding is now correctly re-rolled for each instance that it is used.




The list of individual scenario changes annd corrections is simply too long to include in detail. Please go to to view a complete list of all changes.


Thats one of the biggest patches I’ve ever seen.

I can’t remember what this game was about, though. Outside of, you know, kings. Kings who crusade.

Good news!

Rue my duchy! Rue it!

  • It is no longer possible to be at war with oneself.

Good call.

Crusader Kings is a good game that has been developed into a very good game. I’ve been playing it with the beta patches (long in development…) and enjoying every minute of it. The most important improvement is the revision of the whole crusading mechanic, i.e., the AI actually crusades.

But the most interesting improvements have been additions to the roleplaying of your family and court. CK has always been more about family management than imperial expansion, and the beta patches did not disappoint. Now it looks like they are done.



I shelved this one after a couple of games because of some of these issues. I’ll have to reinstall and check it out.

My favourite Paradox game. I cant wait to try out these changes.

I was playing around with the release candidate for a bit. One thing that chapped me was trying to play as a vassal. When the musters are all called up by our lord only I was sinking into negative gold to fund my troops. And that was inflicting a big hit against my loyalty to the king. Meanwhile my neighbors wouldn’t go below zero gold and, thus, I was a potentially traitous figure diving into debt surrounded by irrationally loyal followers of my nutty ruler.

The fix for this, I was told, was to set my funding for my armies to zero as soon as they were called up. Which seems cheesy but, hey. Would make much more sense to simply place the same modifiers on me as my neighbors so that I couldn’t go below zero gold when my troops were called up by a higher feudal leader.

That said, the host of new events makes for a much, much, more colorful roleplaying depth to the game even if you’re in as a minor count or something. I’d recommend Crusader Kings, in its current form, to fellow King of Dragon Pass cultists. The conditional, branching, events that crop up and shape the flavor of things really adds that narrative feel KoDP also does so well.

Brian I ran into the same thing.

For me it kind of worked out. I became more discontent and my province suffered greately due to debt thanks to Williams absurd foreign wars.

While I went on one crusade the others I quietly forgot about the kings requests who by then was long into his dotage. Happily he died while on crusade and I have a much better relationship with the new (much calmer) King of England.

Alas I am still over 700 in debt and it will be upto my sons to clear that debt.

Good stuff.

Yeah, it’s cheesy, but when you are the lord and call up your vassals’ troops, you have to pay for them. I just reason that my liege can pay the upkeeps of my forces.


This sounds good, especially with the new patch. Where is it available?

Amazon has it for 20 bucks. You might be able to find the Paradox Strategy Six Pack somewhere and get more of their games included.


You can also download it directly from Parodox…

I’ve seen listing for a Crusaders/Iron Hearts two-pack for $9.99 (Target online, etc), haven’t seen it in stores yet.

Is it better to load up your heir with a lot of titles, so that then when you die your heir has his + yours and can repeat the process, or should you just give them to courtiers?

I have been learning this game as the king of Norway (lots of pagan tribes to crush) and whatever turns into the King of Naples. And the king of Castille. (Do not marry the girl from Leon. I had 6 kids, the first one was OK. The rest were inbred. Oops. First cousins marrying, who knew?)

I have always given my daughters their own Countess, but from the Paradox forums, I should not be doing that? Marry them off then lay claim whith whatever son they have? I think assassination plays a part here? The only time I assassinated anyone was the King’s son (he was a Duke, only 5 or so and already excommunicated. I was still caugfht and labeled a “kinslayer”)

How do you distribute your vassalships is what I am asking I guess. Do you keep it in the faimly?

And, do you have any counts or duchies that are fun to play?

Ever heard of the Habsburgs?

Unless you’re roleplaying some kind of reward for loyal service, why would you give them to courtiers?

And the king of Castille. (Do not marry the girl from Leon. I had 6 kids, the first one was OK. The rest were inbred. Oops. First cousins marrying, who knew?)

Ever heard of the Habsburgs?

I have always given my daughters their own Countess, but from the Paradox forums, I should not be doing that? Marry them off then lay claim whith whatever son they have?

Yeah, you can get more mileage from daughters by marrying them off. They’ll never marry if you give them land because their husband would get control.

How do you distribute your vassalships is what I am asking I guess. Do you keep it in the faimly?

Unless I’m absolutely tiny, I usually give something to my heir. That eldest with no land penalty hurts. I haven’t played for awhile, but in small or medium sized realms, I always tried to directly control as much as I could. It made wars so much easier to deal with.

And, do you have any counts or duchies that are fun to play?

I still need to reinstall. With all of the changes, I have no idea.

Duchies are the most fun to play, IMO. You aren’t stuck waiting for fate to deal you a great hand, which is the general pattern for counts, and things aren’t too easy, which the general pattern for kings. Duchies have enough power (and the possibility of vassals) that you can get quite a bit of prestige but they also give you something to build towards - a kingship of your own.

Norfolk is easy. A lot of the Eastern European duchies are fun, as are the Russian Principalities.


So, what is the objective of this game? Give your family titles and marry them off to create allliances?