Crusader Kings Wobble But They Don't Fall Down - Plebby Quest*

Look beyond the goofy visuals and cutscenes and you’ll find a pretty deep medieval grand strategy game. I’m still in the first scenario (tutorial) and liking it a lot so far.

If I have one complaint, it’s that the in-game manual makes it clear the developers aren’t native-English speakers, It really needed a couple of passes for syntax, spelling, and clarity.

*OK. So the characters don’t look exactly like Weebles, but I liked the thread title so much I had to use it anyway.

Bought it Day 1 and enjoyed the 2 hours I’ve played of it, thus far. Unfortunately, there are just too many strategy games vying for my limited playtime (and I just bought Shadow Empire with its 359-page manual!). For me, its production values are stunning. And I will resume playing it at some point!

Thanks for making this thread, as the game deserves to be noticed. And it’s only $20!

Wishlisted! Looks cute.

I’m not getting the conversation (recruiting generals, etc.) mini game at the Inn. I gather matching of symbols is involved, but neither the tutorial nor the encyclopedia offer any guidance as to what to actually do,

[edit]Never mind. I had an epiphany.

It’s on XBox Gamepass for PC too!

Thanks for the heads up!

Looks right up my alley, thanks for making this thread!

De nada

Yes, thank you for making this thread, and thanks to @robc04 for mentioning it’s on Game Pass. I’ve seen this game’s name pop up on Steam or wherever, but the name is so offputting I never even imagined I might want to check it out, but I gave it a closer look because of this and it does look interesting, and thanks to being on Game Pass it costs me (practically) nothing to give it a look.

Edit: I appreciate how keyboard-driven the interface is (or can be, everything can also be clicked). This is a very laptop-friendly game.

This is really addictive. But I wish there is a setting to skip all the dialogs, I found myself holding Ctrl to speed up all the time.


Really appreciate this.
I would never have noticed this because of the “casual” tag in Steam. I set it to ignore.

I played about 20+ hours in Game Pass PC and won world domination with Baldwin of Jerusalem. It’s really addictive. I’ll probably get it on Steam if they do a sales. Such a gem of a game.

Will be perfect on tablet gaming of they can somehow allow a skip of all the filler dialogs, as it is I cant imagine playing it on tablets because of a lack of CRTL button which is mandatory imo.