I heart a smidge or two about this, and then I happened to run across a “trailer” for it on the NBC on demand preview that they have going on.

It’s based on Robinson Crusoe, and it has a couple of no names in the leads, but backed up by some decent people like Sam Neill and Sean Bean. It has a nice Pirates of the Caribbean art direction look, and it could be a hidden gem this season. Anyone actually heard anything at all about it? It doesn’t start until the middle of October, so it’s still a little ways away, but thought I’d mention it.

Looks interesting enough for me to watch at least. Kinda has a Lost of the Mohicans feel to it.

— Alan

Lost of the Mohicans? ;)

That already sounds like a more interesting concept to me than what Lost is. At the very least, we get Crusoe kicking some ass.