Cryo’s Dune game

I really loved this version and played it long before the RTS sequel.

It had a memorable remix

oh wow thanks so much!

I enjoyed the original as well, and inspired by the movie release dabbled with the browser version recently.

I had no idea about the remix…I will have to check it out!

This is one of my favorite games as well. And one of the few from that time, that I remember completing, making Arakis green!

It really was a great, unique game. Something only a French studio could make, I wager, because they never seemed beholden to any established genres in the 90s. And often they made fascinating disasters, but sometimes it worked. I actually would compare this with Star Control II (aka, the greatest game ever made) not in overall quality, but in how it combines strategy and story into a cohesive whole.

Last time I tried to play it (in DosBox), I got stuck and didn’t know how to proceed after about 30 minutes or so. Maybe worth trying again.

I played it on the Sega CD, rented it from Blockbuster, probably. Sometimes I still hear some random Fremen saying, “You’re giving me your orni? Thank you, Muad’Dib!” in my head. I had no idea how to play it.

I don’t remember Leto dying in my play through and just went through a video to find but it seems to have been an offscreen kil

I had no idea until now that the game was directly made for the 1984 film and used fmv plus actor likenesses

My first Dune experience, well before the film and the book.

After Dune 2 for me, but of course totally different games.

Dune 2 was the second game I ever played, after Civ 1 - not a bad intro to gaming!

Loved this game and have played it a couple of times in the past.

@Nightgaunt, you’re probably stuck where you ask the girl to go with you and move away from the harvesters/ornihopters to kiss her (at dawn or dusk, don’t remember). You either go further in the desert or you move away from the equipment.

Anywhere i can buy or download the game nowadays? It’s not on GOG i’m afraid…

The best Dune game. Dune 2 was an awesome game in its own right, but had very little to do with the IP. Cryo’s game actually tried to engage with the source material, and managed to do it in a way that mostly worked.

A pity that it got squeezed by IP shenanigans.

I played the floppy disc version and not the CDROM one with FMV and voice.

It was much earlier than that, but I just restarted and had no issues, so I’m not sure what I missed. Maybe it had something to do with bringing Jessica around the palace with you? But this time it was really clear what to do…

Game’s real good! Just so cool to be hopping around Arrakis, both playing a resource management game and also following a linear story…

The VGA graphics are still stylistically good and hold up well

Thanks! I was having a blast playing the game last night. I didn’t remember there were spoken lines.

Same. The game was what got me watching the Lynch movie and then, eventually, reading the books.

As I spent the first ten years of my life on the other side of the Iron Curtain, my knowledge of Western genre classics wasn’t that extensive. And thus, when I read a preview of the game in some local PC magazine, it was the first time I learned about Frank Herbert and the book series. I found the premise intriguing, and when the game came out, I was instantly hooked. The visuals were really decent, and the soundtrack (even in the floppy disk version) was and still is fantastic. I ended up picking up the CD-ROM version a few years later from the bargain bin to finally have the complete experience.

Dune 2 is a genre milestone, and rightfully so. But, as already mentioned by @strategy , Cryo’s game is the better Dune game. Played the hell out of Dune 2, but also remember being somewhat disappointed by how it fell short in terms of atmosphere and story compared to the first one.

Yeah. When first reading the book, I spent a while wondering when House Ordos was going to show up.