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Has anyone heard anything about Vic Davis lately? I just peeked in on the site to see if there was any word as to what he might be working on, and it looks like he hasn’t posted to the blog since October. The forums aren’t very active, either.

I’d hate to see him give up on the industry and walk away. His games may not have been perfect, but they were always original and a breath of fresh air.

I think I have his email address around from back when I did some beta testing for him. I should dig it up and see if I can get in touch.

Yeah, he has been sort of quiet lately. It’s not the first time, though, so I’m hoping he has something in the works.

If you want to email him, you can just use the address on the Cryptic Comet website. He’s usually quick to answer.

I haven’t heard anything either, I emailed him a few months ago for a followup podcast interview and didn’t get anything back. Still hoping that he can get some of Cryptic’s games onto Steam even using greenlight as I think that would be a really great boost for him.

He didn’t live in any of those disaster zone area’s in the USA did he? Hey Vic you ok?

He last logged in here in February. Hoping he’s just gone underground to learn a new programming language for Armageddon Empires 2.

Maybe he has gone underground in preparation for Armageddon. Something just past the Turning Test recently…

…with multiplayer.

I sent Vic a PM at the Cryptic Comet forum two weeks ago and it hasn’t been looked at. He hasn’t logged in to his own forum in a month. I hope for his sake its only that he’s moved on … and not something more serious.

There’s something really off about his absence. Can you contact people through linkedin? Here’s his profile:

I think you need to be a premium member, or already connected to the individual, I am unfortunately neither.

I sent him a connection with the following message:

Hey Vic,

The crew over at quartertothree are wondering how you are going. No blog updates in a while, no replies to PMs and nobody seems to have heard from you since Feb.

Any chance you want to drop in and let everyone know you are ok (and what you are up to!).


Only problem is he won’t know my RL name (or my QT3 handle for that matter), so it could just go in the spam bucket.

That seems to be the latest from his own forum, so he seems to have been ‘gone’ for a while? Did he tell people he was going off somewhere, like a world adventure maybe?

The last update I was ever able to come across was this interview from a year ago. It didn’t sound like he had any plans for designing new games.

All very sad. It does sound like the most likely explanation is that he just got burnt out on scraping by as an indie developer. I hope that is not the case, I’ve been playing Solium Infernum recently, and that game is still so good.

Still very odd that he wouldn’t say something on here if that were true. It’s gotten to the point that I feel a wave of dread every time this thread is bumped.

Yeah, I went to the site last week and I didn’t see anything new from him. I hope nothing serious happened. I can see him shutting down if CC wasn’t profitable, but he didn’t strike me as the kind of guy that would do it with no warning and just vanish.

Hey there everyone. Sorry to have missed this thread so often and been the cause of any concern. Everything is fine for the most part. A new job and family issues have necessitated that I go on a hiatus from making games for a while. I’ve shamefully neglected a lot of things that I used to do like forum response and community outreach. I have hired a family member and still personally continue doing customer support so you can always get a download resent if you lost it or need some rule clarified. Apologies to anybody I have missed responding to as there have been some gaps due to a lot of travel over the summer to attend some job related events.

Anyway, it was a good run but I think that technology has passed me by and I honestly will need to find some fire in the belly to make another game. Don’t lose complete hope though if you enjoyed some of my earlier games. I have an idea that I am working on part time so there might be one more death ride to make. It’s a turn based strategy game where you play an asymmetrical rules game against multiple AI’s. You are besieged on all sides and have to survive until you complete your win condition which is to assemble the mcguffin of doom/ascension by exploring/attacking the map all the while husbanding limited resources. So sort of tower defense meets tbs. Although, I’d like to think it’s more sophisticated than that.

I also will have some spin off announcements to make in the near future where several talented devs have decided to try and re-imagine some of my games both in digital and card board format.

And finally I’m working on getting my games picked up by some other distributors and might have an announcement about that pretty soon.

A big thanks to everybody who has supported my efforts over the years. QT3 has always been a particularly encouraging refuge to enjoy with a cup of coffee so a big thanks to Tom and crew and all the posters and lurkers here.



Hey, at least you’re OK. I understand if you’re getting out of the game, but for whatever it’s worth, you’ll be missed. No one else makes the kinds of games you do, but I guess there’s a reason for that.

I’m glad to hear things are going well for you, Vic, even if it means one of my favorite developers is hanging up his hat. I hope your part-time project bears fruit; as always, it sounds like it has promise. And I’m very interested to see what news is coming down the pike on the distributrors and “re-imaginings” (Armageddon Empires on iOS at last?).

I don’t know if you’ll still be hanging out as a civilian, so let me take this opportunity to wish you the best and thank you for some of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Thanks a lot, Vic.

Glad you are good Vic!

Glad you’re ok Vic. Thanks for the update, its a big relief.

Armageddon Empires for iOS/Android? Armageddon Empires the Board Game? I can’t wait for the ‘near future’ to hear more.

sending a whole lot of coal

glad you’re still about