Crysis - full screen crash in win7

Sorry to not bump the old Crysis thread, but I was wondering if anyone has a solution for this.

I did a ton of Googling, but I haven’t figured out a solution.

When I try to run Crysis it starts in a window. I can change resolutions fine, but as soon as I try to apply “full screen” it crashes. Pressing “alt-enter” causes the window to flicker briefly, but it stays windowed

Anyone have any advice?

(This is the Steam version, fully patched)


i5 2.66 quad core
Win 7 64
5770 latest drivers
4 gig RAM

Try running it in Windows Vista SP2 compatibility mode. I was having similar weirdness until I made this change.

Figured it out. It was due to the fact that I had my TV hooked up through HDMI as well as my monitor.

Unplugged my TV, and it works. Go figure.