Crysis Remastered - But can Nintendo Switch run Crysis? cookie leak.

I wonder how well an Xbox One will really handle Crysis? I remember if you took a vehicle and you smashed into wooden huts, the resulting complex physics from the destruction was enough to bring my current PC to its knees, and that’s an i5-750 from 2009. I don’t think the CPU in the Xbox One and PS4 are that much faster than that.

I liked the original, never quite finished the sequel. Be interesting to see how this is.

I’ve watched a new video on YouTube a few months ago. One of the bigger gaming hardware sites tested Crysis on current hardware. AFAIR the main problem was the insufficient use of multiple cores.

So I guess an engine update and massive tweaking of the distribution among all the cores should give them enough room for all the new graphics gimmicks.

Well the original Crysis released on the 360 is backward compatible on the Xbone, so it’s easy enough to find out. In fact I own it, along with the two sequels, but haven’t quite managed to give it a shot myself.

And who the hell is asking for all these remasters? Was anyone actually clamoring for a souped-up revision of Crysis? I guess considering how successful the Final Fantasy 7 re-whatever is doing these must just be money in the bank for developers but holy crap, I can’t see it.

My guess is that it is vastly cheaper to remaster and old game than it is to make a new one and far less risky.

Asteroids Remastered, anyone?

I’ll definitely be getting it on Xbox when it drops in price, Crysis was great on PC.

I’m interested in this remaster and I’d be all about a remaster of the original Far Cry as well. Both games were really good early on when it was open stalking through the jungle to kill bad guys. Both games got far less good when they switched halfway through to being linear monster fighting games.

Later Crysis and Far Cry games have gone in a different direction from what I really enjoyed.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the real value in them is in updating their engine for licensing. Being able to sell a game at the same time is bonus.

When are they going to remaster Far Cry 2?

I’m hopeful this is the prep for next gen Crysis 4.

Weren’t Crysis 2 and 3 poor games? I played them both for about an hour before giving up on each one. Maybe there was good stuff there?

Crysis>Crysis Warhead>Crysis 2>>Crysis 3. All good games but went downhill with each release.

Outside the graphical enhancements, there’s also often (at least on PCs) other improvements like ultrawide support, more graphical options, more mouse/keybinding options and generally just running nicer. Look at Modern Warfare Remastered vs the original where the latter often crashes when you just change the graphical settings.

No, they’re good, just not great like the original.

I`ve only played the 2nd, but it wasn’t even close to being a poor game. It was just more on rails than the first game. Finished it 2 times, so I must have had fun. But being on rails is suddenly not okay if you’re not Call of Duty and the like.

edit: Imagine Crysis 2 as a 12-15 hours long rail shooter with a couple of more open-ish levels. Then add the options the magic suit gives you. All this in a competent way but without much inspiration, and of course with AAA production values. I would call it an 8/10. Add a bit if you want to play such a game in a Crysis setting, deduct a bit if you have no connection to Crysis.

Yeah, the rails of Crysis 2 really bugged me, so I bailed about an hour or two into the game. I know that was the norm for shooters for a decade or more, but it never really worked for me.

Similarly to how Tomb Raider went from an exploration of a largish area to a corridor Uncharted story mode game and thus lost me in the reboot.

The second game was the first that had to fit into consoles right? It had to be more constrained. Allowing for that I enjoyed it.

With Ray Tracing!

I think Crysis 2 in itself is a fine game, but if you came there as someone who enjoyed the gameplay of Far Cry and Crysis 1, the far more linear level design and the mini-sandbox approach certainly were a bit of a turn-off. I myself was somewhat bored by the setting because NYC had been done by so many games in that era, e.g. GTA 4, Prototype 1&2, the Spider-Man games and so on, so I found it to be a step back from the tropical island thing Crysis 1 had going for it.

I kinda prefer 3 over 2 because the former goes back to haven more open level approach from 1 while merging it with the elements that had worked in 2. And while it’s still set in NYC, it’s set further in the future and thus is more interesting.