Crytek has their turn at a North Korean dystopia in Homefront: The Revolution

Title Crytek has their turn at a North Korean dystopia in Homefront: The Revolution
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When June 2, 2014

Homefront, the flawed 2011 shooter from Kaos Studios, is getting a sequel from Crytek. Homefront: The Revolution moves the action to the streets of Philadelphia..

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How will they top "Press X- hide in mass grave", quite possibly the rock bottom moment of the last console generation?

I don't know what's more absurd: the premise of waging guerrilla warfare against North Korea or the fact that someone paid money for the rights to Homefront.

Ok, this is officially the point where studios have lost their goddamn mind. Homefront? Homefront?! For anyone who hasn't I invite you to read Rob Zacny's post mortem for Homefront that explores just how terrible, and why, the first game was. A game so poorly recieved it immediately killed the studio making it.

You back?

So why on earth would anyone want a sequel to that steaming turd? A game so bungled that literally the only thing most people know about it was that it was terrible. I've seen nobody, and I mean nobody, to talk even faintly positive about it. I've long since moved away from being the target of AAA games, I may play 1 a year, usually last years model for about $5. So I'm not one to judge what that market wants. Still, that publishers and studios would rather set tens of million dollars on fire making a sequel to one of the stupidest concepts and executions in gaming (no small feat) is astounding. Anyone with even a Business 101 credit can tell you 1) diversify risk 2) don't chase good money with bad. Rather than fund a dozen smaller games that could make money, they chuck it into this tire fire.

I really don't get AAA publishers, of course I'm also capable of coherent thought. Those might be related.


>I invite you to read Rob Zacny
Yeah, is that the guy who liked the fake X-Com and hated Fall of Cybertron ? Fuck that guy.

Anyway, anyone else thinks it's preparing us for the moment when USian deathsquads begin invasion of Korea, AGAIN ?

I see everybody hating on this bcuz the 1st one was bad but im actually lookin forward to it bcuz crytek does make beautiful lookin games and im sure they can turn this into wat it was supposed to be and imagine tlhoe the maps would look on online deathmatch in a philadelphia setting? Dont look at the past look forward to what i can become

Eh, horrible development cycle aside, Homefront was pretty a'ight in a mediocre shooter kind of way and would have probably done pretty a'ight financially had they not pissed away far too much money while making it.
With some sensible management as well as slightly more innovative gameplay design, I'd think it will do just fine.