CSI Cast Firings

Here’s the article.

What I find interesting is that everyone was signed to seven year contracts. That’s good and bad, give up potential income for security for the actors and cost certainty for the studio.

Jorja Fox

George Eads

I noticed something else as I was trying to figure out who they were:

Happy forty first birthday, Phoebe Cates. Time flies.

Yeah, I think CSI is following the Law & Order model in terms of paying their actors. Then again with the success of the real life drama shows, it would be hard to ask for huge salaries at the moment.

I wonder if Petersen will fight for their return. Eads is easily replaceable. But, Jorja was always interesting.

For me, Eads is the most interesting character in the show, besides Petersen. All the others, the token black, the token working mother and the token mildly attractive woman with crush on authority figure at times just feel like caricatures. Still, he wasn’t as interesting in the later seasons as he was in the first.

I’m glad that Sarah Sidle is gone… Hated her character. Nick Stokes, well he was ok but replacable.

I wish other networks would stand up like this more. I mean it’s a contract just because the series does well doesn’t mean you have a right to more money. If the series cancelled after 4 years they’d still have to buy the actors out of the contract right? Network couldn’t say well the shows over you don’t get any more money.

Fuck greedy actors. 100k an episode not enough! bullshit!

Someone at the Las Vegas PD must have finally noticed lab techs were being allowed to interrogate suspects. It’s about time that fat detective put his foot down.