CSI... worth playing?

I hear there’s a CSI game that just came out. Now, I’m no big fan of CSI - I enjoy watching it, but I’m not a big TV guy (except for the Bauer Hour) so I’ve only watched a handful of 'em.

Is it a worthy game to play? i.e. does it recreate the atmosphere and other good yummy stuff of the show, and offer realistic problem-solving fun? The one thing I hated about adventure games was how out-in-left-field some of the solutions were… the latest Monkey Island game (my first entrance into the series) totally frustrated me with its inane, convoluted ways of getting across a marsh.

But I digress. CSI… verdict?

Yeah, I liked it fine. Decent mystery adventure game and takes good advantage of the writing, stars voices, tools, conventions, and music of the show. Graphics are a bit stiff, but it feels like CSI. Really better for a fan and it’s aimed at the mainstream so it’s none-too-hard. Short, but cheap.

Cool, I’ll try it out.

I know the rabid CSI fanboys liked it, but I wanted to hear the opinions of the more sane :P

I kid, I kid… please don’t kill me in inventive ways that you learned from the show, CSI fanboys.

Rabid CSI fanboys liking it is probably a good thing. I don’t remember the rabid X-Files fanboys liking the X-Files game all that much.

What is CSI?

Crime Scene Investigations. Sort of a bolder version of Quincy M.E.
It’s a top 10 crime drama that’s on Thursday nights. I don’t watch it, I’m not a crime show fan, but I hear it’s very good.

Ah. Thanks. I don’t watch TV, so I wasn’t familiar with it. Sounds like it might make for a cool game though.

Nice game - play with the show characters, voiced by the respective actors. It is easy though, and short (5 to 7 hours). However, you can get it for only $16.99 if you have a Costco nearby, which is a good deal. O.R.