Cthulhu Lives!

I watched The Call of Cthulhu tonight at a friends place, and it was awesome. Surprisingly good sets, props, music, and even acting. Highly recommended for the H.P. Lovecraft afficionado.

Ia! Ia!

The film sounds pretty neat; were I a bigger Cthulhu fan, the rest of their merchandise would be positively dangerous to my budget. “What part of ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn don’t you understand?” Heh.

Another interesting little fanlove project is The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath which is oddly charming in an earnestly amateur way, but worth seeing I think. It’s certainly among the best Lovecraft movies ever made but (and it’s a large but) that’s not a very high bar to hurdle.

That Cthulhu trailer is just too cute. They really nailed the 1920s horror movie genre.

There’s a fairly extensive “making of” extra that goes into some detail about this: period clothing, old photos composited in, period fonts, period movie techniques (no CGI), how they made all the sets, etc. Going into detail would spoil the show, but suffice to say you’ll be amazed at how well it all came off after you see everything in color. :-)

Oh, and were I more gainfully employed, I’d blow my cash on these:
Art Deco Cthulhu Idol
Sculpted Cthulhu Idol
Props on CD

The props in particular are incredible, and have me tempted to start running Cthulhu again, if only I could find the right players.

That’s awesome. I’m tempted to get the props CD just so I could print out one of those badass Miskatonic U diplomas. I think a MD/PhD from Miskatonic University would rule.

Some sample props are free to download, including the Miskatonic Diploma.


And from now on, please refer to me as Doctor Eduardo.

My favorite is the Treasury Dept. / Bureau of Prohibition ID.

I picked up the HPLS Scary Solstice CD a couple of years back, and it left quite the impression on the family. So this year, over the holidays, the family gave me the DVD, poster, and Cthulhu, Shoggoth and Nyarlothep plush dolls.

Would have preferred that massive idol prop, but at least now I’m all set w/ the impending baby’s 1st toys…

I think you mean:

Isn’t it Iä! Iä!

You’ll be eaten first.

So doesn’t that make him one of the lucky ones?

Yes it does.

You’ll pardon me if I get the pronunciation a bit wrong, and so delay the inevitability of being eaten until I’ve used up all my sanity points. I’m planning on hoarding them until I’m old and grey, and hopefully averting fate by becoming Priest-King and finding a nice place to retire in the Dreamlands.

Thanks for posting Jasper your message convinced me to order the movie. I watched it tonight and I am very glad I did. Excellent stuff. I thought the acting in the final boat scene in particular was top notch.

Heres hoping The Mountains of Madness is the next one :)

If you like the Cthulhu Mythos, you can’t go wrong with this movie. I’m hoping they do well enough by it to consider another story, and the Mountains of Madness would be awesome.

There is just to much depressing shit in real life that drags me down to bother paying to see it, filed under ‘entertainment.’

I just ordered it, and am really excited about it. Thanks for the tip.

Yeah, I ordered it, too. It’s such a nifty concept, I just have to check it out.