Cuban Missle Crisis: Aftermath

Anyone have any impressions of this one? Its a turn based/RTS hybrid that uses the Blitzkrieg engine for the RTS portion. I’ve read a few reviews that give it a mediocre rating but I want to know if anyone here has played it. I would really like to know how deep the turn based portion is. Anyone?

Shouldn’t this be in politics and religion?
And aren’t you posting a little late?

What’s the matter, Flowers, you don’t like the classics?

So I have a copy of this and have had the itch to play it again, but I don’t want to deal with Starforce. Anone know if there is a non-Starforced version out there? I seem to remember this came bundled for free with another game (can’t remember wich one though) and I’m wondering if that version has Starforced removed.

Seriously, JFK said no rushing at the start of the game. It was unfair.