Cubase SE vs Acid Music Studio

From what I know Acid is a loop based music creation software. How does Cubase SE compare to it? Does it even support loops? (have never even seen a Cubase SE)

edit: Or perhaps a Cakewalk? Like Sonar Home Studio? OR, Magix’s Music Maker Deluxe 11?

cubase and cakewalk are both impossibly dense. Worth learning if you want to make serious music, but if you are just looking to fool around with loops they aren’t worth your time.

I would recommend checking out fruity loops. It was developed as a simple loop based music creation system, but it has evolved to include a lot more. You can get up and running making some decent loops in a short period of time with the tutorials on their site. The program also does way more than just looping and tracking, so you can grow with it (it supports vst instruments, piano rolls, etc).

If you are looking for something a bit more advanced, Reason and Project5 v2 are worth checking out, they both have demos available.

Reason is based around the idea of using an actual rack of equipment (synths, samplers, eqs, trackers). It is a bit tricky to learn, but it is incredibly powerful.

Project5 v2 is cakewalks answer to reason. Its a bit easier to use, and has some great features, but its not as ‘novel’ as reason.

I use FLstudio and am very fond of it. 6.08 just got released which makes me happy as it resolves a weird static problem with M-audio devices that showed up in the 6.0 release. I haven’t gotten around to playing with the new features in 6.0 just yet. Now I just need to actually finish some of these half done songs sitting on my hard drive.