Cube world: Minecraft, sorta

Q: What is Cube World?

A: Cube World is the project name of a voxel-based exploration RPG currently in development.

This looks really good

I added some new enemies!

  • Agressive and annoying birds

Yes. That’s exactly what I want in my game. Annoying enemies.

I’ll second this. Been playing Morrowind lately and I’m done with annoying fauna.

Though the game has a nice style! I’ll keep an eye on it. I kind of wish he’d shown more of the world destructing capabilities that the video hinted at, but that probably is in a non-combat related video I just haven’t seen yet.

What, like cliff racers?

The gameplay video looks very nice. It’s voxel with style.

Thanks for the heads up.


My first thought: “You got your anime in my Minecraft!”

That looks great visually but the idea that the landscape deforms because you’re fighting a bird is a bit odd.

Pfft, it is a bunch of kill/fetch quests. What is this, SWTOR? ;) I kid, I kid.

I want this game so badly. I want it now.



You’re right!

goes back to playing Driver: San Francisco

I really like the visual style and the bit of music I saw in the video. The combat though looks pretty mundane. I’m looking forward to seeing how they improve on the combat among other things. I’d think they’d probably need to add some hand crafted quests, instead of just relying on random quest generation though.

This doesn’t “look” anything like Minecraft, aside from pretty simplistic AI that runs at you. Obviously it’s stylistically Minecraft with the world generation, but he’s not making a building game. I do love seeing voxels explode though, that’s always fun.

I’m wondering how much of what he’s doing might be redundant once Minecraft gets heavily modded. The scope of his quest system is something Minecraft is supposed to be able to handle.

Wow, they even wholesale ripped off the 3D Dot Game Heroes death animations basically.


3D Dot Hero wants its schtick back.

Somebody should warn the developers they better code a menu option to turn the hit point displays off or else Tom Bissell might write a whiny rant featuring their game.

And Mojang just hired him.

Which probably means he’ll keep making it, and Mojang will publish it.

From the Tweet:

Cube World unaffected, still his private game.

Good pickup though.

My biggest takeaway ffrom skimming the blog is climbing. Why can’t more games implement this mechanic? Yeah, I’m looking at you, Skyrim.