Wow. This is a brilliant movie. A great spin on the whole “characters trapped in an elevator let’s see what happens” shtick. Definetly warrants repeat viewings. I am feeling strong potential for a major allegory underlying the film (especially after Worth’s revelation of the true nature of the cube. Hmmm…interesting that the nihilist is called Worth), but I need to see it at least once more before deciding. For now, it already works great as gripping/gory suspense and interesting character situation/study. I love the way the cube brings out the true nature of those trapped in it.

So, the big question is: is Cube 2 worth seeing?

No, that one sucked. Bad acting, bad writing, you name it.

Cube 2 was interesting, but much bleaker than the first one. And, as mentioned, the writing was weaker, and the acting was much weaker, in virtually all cases. Some of the ideas, however, particularly on the nature of the cube, were more interesting. Rather than a sliding collection of box-rooms that move according to a mathematical formula, the cube in Cube 2: Hypercube is, as the title indicates, a ‘Hypercube’, a device that, by dint of its structure, distorts the laws of time and space.

!!! I haven’t seen Cube 2, but every review I’ve read of it basically said it was the shinier, happier, crappier “remake” of Cube, where no one actually gets killed in any interesting fashion.

Well, that’s bullshit. Everyone in Cube 2 dies. Everyone. Nobody lives. As opposed to Cube 1, where the autistic guy managed to make it out.

Okay, but is it like they phase out in a flash of white light or “dematerialized” or something, or do they get sliced and diced like in the first. 'Cause that’s an important difference.

Let’s see, they get sliced into billions of pieces, killed and eaten a hundred times over in a time loop by an insane cannibal, stabbed, oh, and finally, shot in the face.

Why did I watch this?!?! Somewhere at Qt3 I had seen this mentioned and came under the impression that the film had merit.

Jeez the bug eyed cop was awful. The dialog was cliched and downright irritating. The idea was excellent and that’s what kept me until the end.

The emotions that the people should be have been feeling vs. the way they developed in the characters on screen did not match up. The whole thing just felt uneven throughout.

The ending blew hard as well.

2 is on instant watch. Is the acting any better?!?! Certainly could not be worse.

Hmm, not sure why I revived this thread except that I needed an outlet for my loathing. Whew, I feel better.

yeah it’s really horrible

i think it was this film that made me stop listening to internet movie blogs

Yeah, the concept is light years ahead of the execution. And Hypercube is terrible, and the third (a prequel, I think) is even worse.

Considering that Warlord of Mars hasn’t posted since 2005, somehow I’m doubting he’s going to answer your question.

I’d rank the third one slightly above Hypercube, mainly for having more potential that it squandered. It could have been a great dark comedy if it had just stayed focused on the everyday work shift of schmoes who just happened to work as operators in Cube Corps, but then it went right back to retread territory.

But overall, both sequels are skippable even if you liked the first despite its own warts.

It was more of a general question to the few had seen it. I am unfamiliar with other work by the Warlord,

I thought Cube was pretty dumb too, but I did like the amateur effort on the special effects.

It’s Canadian – Canadian films always have laughably bad acting, sadly.

I recently watched all three movies and I actually liked all of them. Three very different films with lots of weaknesses yet every one managed to entertain me.

Cube is the exploration of an interesting idea.
Hypercube is like a spoof on the first movie.
Cube Zero acts like an exploration of the world that idea takes pace in and is less focused on the actual idea.

Bad acting? Cheap effects? Who cares. I had great fun watching all three.

What did you expect with a $365,000 (CAD) budget?

Your childish ?!?! don’t help either.

Maybe they should have asked Tom Cruise to fullfill your expectations?

I give your rant an E. Minus.


Tyler is not unlike Job.

I thought the prequel was the worst of the 3 simply because of the way they forced the ending to tie into Cube (the ausitic guy in Cube is supposed to be one of the office drones who got lobotomized/whatever, and apparently gained autistic powers in the mean time. The character was supposed to be a math wiz before mental evisceration, iirc). I thought the “nature” of the hypercube in Cube 2 was just an excuse to do weirder things. I don’t remember the cannibal loop, though. I may have to watch it again.

I’m having trouble seeing where Cube 2 is supposed to be a spoof.