Cubs Win NL Central! Hoohaa!

:lol: Bring on the Braves! And get me another Budweiser, Steve! 8)

Freaky. I spent my whole childhood rooting for the Cubbies and learning about futility…


K, So we play Atlanta first… hmm can Wood, Prior and Zambrano hold off there overloaded bats? I think so! The key really is with Borowski, if the relief pitching holds up as well as the starting big three … wow it could happen!

If the Cubs beat Atlanta I think we’re on to the world series… and hopefully its against the BOSOX!

AHHHHHHHHHHH Can’t get my hopes up not after 89 and 84 … and my dads torture of 69… well at least they won the division…


Three top starters and a decent offense makes the Cubs deadly in a 5 game series. I wouldn’t want to be playing them. I’d rather be the Giants playing the Fish.

Bring it on, the apocalypse world series: Red Sox, Cubs. That might get the best ratings ever.

Acutally, if the Cubs get past Atlanta they’re going to lose to the Giants. That is all.

oops… double post. Felipe’s better than Dusty, too.

I think both are overrated, Alou more than Baker. (Baker insists on playing “proven veterans” over better, younger players, and both tend to abuse pitching staffs.)

Steve, where’s my Budweiser? :)

Unbelievable. If the Bears could get their act together, I could hold my head up high again.

What’s next, the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup?
(I said “what’s next, the Mighty Ducks make the NHL playoffs?” after the Angels won the World Series last year, let’s see if this works ;))

Uhhhhhh . . . No.

Although I can’t wait to see Ruutu in action this year.

Somewhere the late, great Steve Goodman is smiling.

Do they still play the Blues in Chicago when baseball season rolls around?
When the snow melts away, do the Cubbies still play in their ivy-covered burial ground?
When I was a boy they were my pride and joy, but now they only bring fatigue,
To the land of the brave, the home of the free,
and the doormat of the National League.

A chance to retire that song. Go, Cubs, go!

And a question for Steve, if the Bosox play the Cubs, can both teams find a way to lose? :wink:

Selig’s still the commish. He could call it a tie.

But if the Red Sox win, what would all those New England intellectuals who see Boston as allegory write about?


Maybe they’ll look inside and find that inner pseudointellectual. My experiences with Bostonians have been absolutely scary in that respect.

Just remember if the Cubs win, that ability to complain and lament your team together is much more part of your roots than them winning. You may miss it when it’s gone. What will happen if they win one playoff series then go down in the NLCS? Is it a success or time for another year of waving the Kleenex? That one’s easy :)

The day after the 1986 Bill Buckner Series, there was an interview on one of the morning shows with two true Bostonian Blue-Blood Brahmin Red Sox fans. They were a rather elderly couple, and the husband was the director of the Boston Public Library and the wife was a professor at Harvard. I remember the husband saying, “The Red Sox players thought they had the free will to win, but we the fans knew better.”

Baseball and predestination. That’s Boston alright.

Selig would find a way to fuck it up; maybe a snowstorm would blanket New England and the midwest for three months, and he’d have to declare no winner. Which would probably be the sign that God really doesn’t want the Red Sox or Cubs to win again.

Or the players would suddenly strike.

Or better yet, the media would strike, because they’d lose half their material if either team wins. If there is no media, there is no World Series, right?

[size=7]GO CUBS![/size]

Allow me to chime in from the other home of the lost…


I would love to see a Cubs/Sox world series…I figure the population of the US will drop by 10 mill either way it goes…heart attacks all around for the winners and losers.

Well, the playoffs begin with a Twins’ victory over the Yanks. Aside from my own team winning, few things warm my heart as much as those TV shots of Steinbrenner fuming over a loss. :D

Nothing finer in the world. I have to agree with you there.