Cuffed and stuffed by the SC

Heh, right outside my window they have a bunch of protesters in orange jumpsuits all handcuffed up. Apparently a group stormed the building and tried to protest right outside the courtroom, inside the building. Bad form, guys.

Never seen anyone arrested by the cops here. Their tolerance is super high for shennanigans, but once you invade the space and try to disrupt the proceedings, that’s it.

We’re on lockdown. :)

Edit: Huh, there is no case today. Why were they protesting today?

Isn’t today some anniversary for Guantanamo?

They’re protesting the lack of hot tubs filled with skinny blonde hoochie-girls. The fact is that the elderly and poor just do not have the same level of access to wang-care resources the way white, middle class professionals have.

Fight the power!

According to WaPo, it’s a Gitmo thing.

And 81 protestors arrested? Quick, call in Rollory to defend their rights!

EDITED: URL fixed.

Eh? Why?

Storming a building isn’t a protest, it’s trespassing and whatever the legalese for “being unnecessarily annoying” is. Getting arrested is part of the point, too.

Just poking fun following the stormtroopers/medic/throw the kid under the bus thread. :)

Cuffed and stuffed by the SC. . .

Major BC3K flashback, here