Cultist Simulator - Manage your Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

I re-installed the game now that all the expansions are out. I liked the ghoul play through a lot; it did not start like I expected, and it ended up generating a lot of neat stories. E.g. you want to advance at your accounting job, so you murder your immediate boss. So far so hum-drum. But! As the ghoul, you then get to eat your boss’ corpse for psychic resonances, which makes the story approximately three times as good. It’s even better when your immediate boss happens to be the CEO’s son, and once the son is ingested you become the CEO’s new right-hand man and work innocently beside him for years. It’s a wonderfully fucked up game.

I finally got around to trying this. So, are you supposed to learn what things might do by putting a card or cards in the slots and reading the text to get ideas what the results may be? Since I’d never be able to remember anything I’d need to take notes about what cards can lead where.

I played for a bit over an hour and I’ve gotta say I don’t feel like I know much more than when I started.

Yes, it’s explicitly designed for you to try things out and figure them out. What does this card do there? What about this one?

My biggest problem with it was the lack of being able to have a permanent save and start off with a New Game+. I’m not playing all the way through again to do that. Fuck that noise.

I get the desire to discover as you go. Fits the theme well! But the card highlights when I click on an open card slot are just plain wrong sometimes. It’s infuriating.

I had a disciple I was trying to indoctrinate? promote? upgrade? and couldn’t figure out the combination of cards to add to achieve it.

I bounced hard off this one initially despite loving the theme, but I fired it up tonight on my Surface and found it works wonderfully as a tablet game. I’m still not wild about the real-time aspect, but the pause button fits comfortably under my thumb so I’m able to stop and resume with ease.

Apparently there’s DLC in my library–what’s up with that? Do I have to do anything special to access it?

Wait, it actually works well with touch controls now? I fired it up on my surface a couple months back, and there didn’t seem to be any change in that regard from the initial release. I even asked a question on the Steam forum about that, but no response. Having played it on my (8") Android tablet with really good touch controls, it was a huge pain going back.

I can’t speak to how it used to be, but it works great on my Surface Pro 3.

Also, figured out the DLC thing. Not sure how I missed that…

I got sucked into it for about two hours last night, and then ended up sneaking in another round before work this morning. I do wish that I could enable an auto-pause when a timer completes though.

Are you using the pen? Or just touch?

Just touch.