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CultureEgo received a boost today when ADoomedMarine posted on the 3D Realms forum that a comment of mine had been picked up by the Australian gaming press. It certainly makes a change being attributed, rather than being ripped off as is usually the case. :)

Regarding the fact that CultureShock wants George to pay him 100k… it made it in an Australian Magazine as well.

Geez that boy is getting around isn’t he?

Source: CultureShock in the Media - 3D Realms Forum

So, how much of Take Two’s 12 millions did 3D Realm’s trouser?

all the signs of a celeb. stalker…

Hey, George is the one who’s following me around! :shock:

Here’s the full article:

Following Take2’s buy out of Duke Nukem Forever from previous publisher Infogrames, the eternally delayed FPS’s lead developer, George Broussard, has once again found himself the target of gamer anger.

Disgruntled DNF fan CultureShock now claims Broussard owes him $US100,000 follwoing a comment Broussard made to the effect that he would “pay $100k to anyone who could prove” he received “a dime” of the US$12 million paid by Take2 to Infogrames.

3D Realms continues to fund the six year old DNF project itself, and the developer is nonplussed at recent comments by Take2.

The publisher claims it has written off the $12 million it paid for DNF, and made comments to the effect it didn’t care whether or not the game would ever be released.

Broussard angrily responded on 3DRealm’s own forums, saying “Take2 is doing stuff on it’s end to make it’s position look better for analysts.”

“When Take2 says it ‘pulled the plug’, it means it has taken the hit for the write off on the game and now if it gets [DNF] fine, and if it doesn’t fine. Its books have already been accounted for their investment in it,” he says.

Broussard believes 3D Realm’s reputation is being damaged by Take2 implying the game will never be released. He says because Take2 has made so much money on GTA3 and GTA Vice City, it can afford to write off DNF and when the game is finally released, make “pure profit.”

“Take2 needs to STFU. All we want to do is keep quiet, work on the game, and emerge later and show you what we’re working on. We don’t want hype. We don’t want drama. We don’t want Take2 saying stupid ass things in public, for the sole purposes of helping its stock,” says Broussard.

Don’t expect DNF any time this year though. Maybe next year. Or the year after. In any case, do you really want them to release it? Who will fulfil the industry’s bitch quotient then? Derek Smart?

As for CultureShock’s $100k, “Ooh the handbag’s at dawn!” was one biting observer’s comment.

Wonder what magazine’s it from…

You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

I hope that’s a real magazine. I would like Broussard being quoted as saying “STFU”.

Good stuff

CultureShock = Bill Huffman?

Apparently its from

Your not much of a mystery if you make headlines down-under :wink: