Cuphead - 1930's cartoon side-scroller


Remember Cuphead? It’s the side-scroller that looks like a 1930’s Max Fleischer cartoon. It’s been the indie darling of a couple of E3’s now.

Well, it might make it to another E3.

Delayed to mid-2017.


I am fine with the delay, too much to play right now anyway.


Sorry, you can’t use that line here. We reserve that for Assassin’s Creed games.


I still have to finish Rogue and Syndicate! To much to play in general. Or rather everything interests me, its the worst thing that could happen to someone. :p


I know the feeling kosc.

Cuphead looks like it’ll be one of the best looking games ever made, if nothing else.


Wish the images embedded. Here it is. Looks like they’re at least taking their (needed) time with the animation.


It makes me wonder if the engine is rendering the characters in the style of a 30s cartoon, or if they are hand-animating all of the possible character actions to achieve that look. If the latter, no damn wonder it’s taking forever.


They are animating by hand. It was pretty clear from the beginning of their pitch so many years ago.

It is a platformer, so there aren’t THAT many actions, though. However, it looks like they are animating at something close to 24fps (haven’t seen it in person, so I’m not sure) which, if true, is insane!


As a fan of old Betty Boop cartoons I’m really interested in this. But is it an X360 exclusive?


Looks like Xbone, Steam, and the windows store because that’s still a thing.


It started as a boss rush until everyone freaked because they thought it would be a platformer. Probably added 3 years to the development time.


Oh wow, yeah. I had no idea. Here’s hoping it has the legs for a full-on platformer.


Just saw a targeted ad for this bad boy on Facebook, and it’s way up my alley. So it’s been long delayed already, eh?


Yes. Hand-inking the 30,000+ frames of animation too longer than they expected.


That’s a bold strategy, Cotton!.

“My brother and I quit our jobs, remortgaged our houses and began expanding the team. This was our chance to actually deliver the game we wanted to make all along, rather than the cut-scope game we originally planned with a three person team.”[/quote]


But cliffski told everyone not to do that.


Coming to GOG on September 29:


Sweet! I was under the impression it was an Xbox exclusive.


It was announced as a Play Anywhere title a while back. Heck, maybe from the beginning, I forget.


But the version on GOG wouldn’t be Play Anywhere would it? I think the confusion comes because people expected it to be Microsoft exclusive, (at least a timed exclusive) therefore not available on more open sources like GOG.