Cuphead - 1930's cartoon side-scroller


Smoke bomb all the way.


This game is tough, but not frustrating so far. Botanic Panic was fairly easy, but I needed to retry Forrest Follies (Run and Gun) many times - probably around 15-20. I never stopped enjoying trying though. There were just a couple places that really gave me trouble and were the cause of many of my deaths. Made it almost to the end of phase 2 with Ribby and Croaks, but I’m getting hungry.

My grades haven’t been very good though at B- for both.


This track is so damn good:

Making-of that track:


Stop ruining my fantasy LMN8R. The soundtrack and art was done in 1930. The game was even copyrighted in 1930 if you go into Options, you can see that.

I think it’s just the gameplay part that was finished up recently.


… i might have to pick this up with a soundtrack like that.


Wow, it took me many tried to get past that last stage of Ribby and Croaks. Then I made it and wondered why the heck it took me so many tries.


I’m around 60% through and that’s how I feel after almost every fight. There’s nothing particularly difficult about most of the phases of each boss, especially once you understand what they’re doing, but the game is so unforgiving about how many hits you can take. The hard part of it is being able to string it all together into a generally flawless run.


This was good to hear. Remember back in 1930 when Cuphead came out?

Well it sold a million copies in 2 weeks back then. Yay!


I wish this game were about 80% as difficult as it is. I mean, it’s fair, and I’m not marking it as a flaw necessarily; but I just don’t think I’m good enough to keep up with it, and I love everything about the look and sound so much I want to see the whole game. One or two extra hit points would do it. Or maybe regaining a hitpoint with a parry?

It probably doesn’t help that I’m playing on a Steam controller, where the face buttons are close enough together that I’ll accidentally trigger the special when I’m holding down shoot and hit jump.

Anyway, I have zero regret about my purchase and would have been happy to chip in the $20 just to support them in making such a gorgeous game.


That should be the music to every videogame.



Would fit well into Life is Strange, Inside, Spec Ops: The Line.


I agree. So far, with each enemy I go through this cycle of:

  1. Oh wow, that’s so cool. Oh wait, I’m dead.
  2. I’m dead again. I think I’ll come back to this tomorrow.
  3. Hey, a new day, a new attempt! I’m back! Oh my god, look at all these little details, it’s amazing. I’ll try a few more times.
  4. Hey, a new day, a new attempt! Oh man, there’s even more details I hadn’t noticed before, this is so cool. I wish I could just get past this though.
  5. Hey, a new day. I’m not sure if I’ve got it in me. I guess I’ll try one more time. Hmmm, I was almost there. Let me try a few more times. Phew I got through! Yay!

Get to the next stage and go back to step 1.

I just wish they’d made it so that I could skip Step 4, you know? If I just had to steps 1, 2,3, then 5, it would be great. But step 4 makes it feel exhausting.


My process is similar to yours Rock8man, but lately it’s been.

  1. Try to beat item on second island.
  2. Die several times.
  3. Close game.

I haven’t made any progress on island 2. Well, not entirely true. I have made it further within that 1 fight, but I haven’t finished any island 2 fights. I don’t begrudge it though - it’s a very good game.


I think I’ve stalled out on the second island as well and have not been able to make significant progress on any of the bosses. I started playing on the Simple difficulty just to open up new fights and see more content, but even that is often taking many attempts.

I do wonder if they’ll patch it to introduce a new difficulty level, or will otherwise lighten things up a bit.


So you’ve tried the difficulty below Regular? It would feel like defeat, but I’m open to trying that out if I truly get stuck later. (I’m still on the first island).


Yeah. It basically shortens up the boss fight, and reduces/cuts some of the phases. I tried it on the Floral Fury one initially because I was feeling stuck and figured I’d give it a shot to see what it actually did.

Beating the bosses that way will open up progress so you can move on to other fights and circle back later, but my understanding is that you can’t face the final bosses until you beat all of the rest on regular.


Same here. 80% seems about right. Dialing it back to simple does make it seem too easy (although, now that I’m on the 3rd island, even simple is starting to seem hard). It’s too bad I’ll never see the last part of the game; I don’t think I can finish it on regular.


I feel like some of the tells aren’t long enough.


I may be joining you soon!


I’m pretty sure I’m the only one here playing this co-op but I think it’s balanced well, depending on your partner.

HP scales so you’ve got to both be hitting bosses and enemies for longer to move on (seriously, those tree trunk enemies on Treetop Trouble are super tanky co-op). This means that if one of you dies, you’ve got more work to do on your own. You can revive each other if you’re quick enough but it’s sometimes impossible to reach your partner’s ghost in time without killing yourself. You can also die if you fall off the screen at the bottom whereas solo the screen simply scrolls down.

My girlfriend is doing amazingly well but she’s not as dexterous as me so when things get busy (with two of you on screen shooting, it’s a lot busier by default) she can sometimes struggle. That said, she’s carried us over the finish line a few times now which has been glorious.

We’ve just got to world 2 and reached the final stages of Baroness von Bon Bon on Regular. I was convinced that Mario + Rabbids’ world 3 boss wouldn’t be bettered this year but I think Cuphead has it in the bag quite comfortably at this point. So creative and exciting.