Curb is back!

September 9. HBO. Mark your calendars.

This is a great day.

Thank God. I’ve been watching Larry Sanders and it’s a good substitute (his wife first season even looks a ton like Cheryl), but I’m still most in love with Larry David.

Yay! Great news.

The thing about Curb is that I’m always surprised when it’s back for another season. Larry David in CYE is pretty much an extreme-no-holds-barred version of the real Larry David, so we know that he’s extremely lazy. So, that’s the thing about Curb, which is Larry certainly doesn’t need the money at this point (I don’t even want to think about the coin that rolls in from Seinfeld syndication/DVDs), so he does Curb as a labour of love.

Which is great for us, but means that we shouldn’t expect much from the lazy, shiftless bastard. Each season is a rare treasure, as likely to never be continued as to come back. I take each season finale as a series finale until I hear otherwise.

Yeah, the last finale really felt like a series finale, and I wasn’t expecting its return either.

I was watching the “Heart Attack” episode of Seinfeld the other day. I always wondered if the show on the TV (of which he tries to get a joke from) was a real show.

When I watched it the other day, I realized that it was Larry David. A Larry David wearing a flame-resistant suit and goggles. Knowing that it is him makes it at least a million times funnier.

Curb is such a incredible show.