Curb Season 5 Finale

Brilliant. I did for a moment or two think that Larry really was going to kill himself off at the end of the show, but that was before I realized that the season finale was an hour long :-)

The little montage of all the people he’s pissed off during the five seasons of the show was priceless, as was his conversion to a gentile lifestyle, and the appearance of Dustin Hoffman and Sasha Baron Cohen as Larry’s afterlife spirit guides.

“That’s not a system, Larry.”

When he presses his guides to find out what they actually do, I loved that.

The gentile stuff was hilarious, but I thought the ending was resolved way too quickly. Having the detective show up and just say “I made a mistake! You’re not adopted!” was just goofy. From that point on, the whole episode seemed like a dream. I was waiting for Larry to wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette.

Anyhow, good episode and good season overall (a lot better than last year, which I found crazy self-indulgent with all the Producers stuff). Favorite episode had to be the one with the conservative Jewish guy and the daughter throwing herself off the chair lift. Larry making that cell call to Lewis right after she’d hit the ground was priceless. The big vagina stuff was great, too.

Eh, I thought the episode was one of those that was better in concept than execution. Still enjoyable though and a great season overall.