Curb - Still hilarious

I don’t think there is a thread for this season. I missed most of last Season as without the incessant network TV reminders to tell me what I need to be watching, HBO’s series sometimes fall by the wayside.

I have been watching the last 3 weeks and this is still one of the funniest shows on TV. He makes his total cluelessness (is that a word?) seem perfectly plausible and normal…for him at least. The whole scene in the ER and then Larry’s adopted family member stating he has long-ass balls…I was almost screaming. “Larry, you got some long-ass balls”. Then when he asked the doctor if that was the case…I am cracking up here at my desk.

PLus the whole plot line with his wife…priceless.

If you have sorta forgotten about it as I had, you should see this week’s episode.

“I kept telling people there is another side you don’t see, but there is no other side.”

This season is my favorite in a LONG time. Serious “return to form”—not that I ever thought it flagged that much. But this season’s episodes have been comedy gold.

I think you’re biased because you’re Larry David’s manager.

I agree about the excellence of this season. If it’s the last, it will be remembered as the best ever. I bet Cheryl will return in episode 10.

It’s been pretty good. I enjoy Super Dave, and I really liked the airplane phone call situation.

I haven’t watched the most recent episode yet but every time Leon and Larry interact it is comedy gold.

Add another to the list of this season’s fans.

Every Larry and Leon conversation kills me!! I was dying from the simple “LD” references, now he calls him Long Balls Larry. Hahahaha!

The “Flip around” episode was great. Some of this season’s episodes get close to the classic Crazy Eyes Killa episode from ~4-5 years ago, but just not quite!

Damn, you stole me thunder!!!

Leon is fantastic, yes.

I am also really loving Funkhouser this season. And holy shit, I had no idea that was Super Dave! Not only that, he’s also Albert Brooks’ brother! Where the hell have I been?

“You can be 100 and still be an orphan.”

But my favorite Funkhouser moment of all time is his outrage at Larry going home to go to the bathroom rather than stay til the end of Funkhouser’s 25th wedding anniversary party:

“We were trying to recreate what happened 25 years ago! I said, ‘Larry would you like to make a toast?’ And someone said 'Larry went home to TAKE A SHIT!!”

Hehe, Crazy Eyes was classic. I was trying to explain Super Dave Osbourne to the wife, she nodded like she remembered, but I am not sure she did. He is perfect for this show.

Oops, sorry spence for spoilerizing the Leon scene.

Super Dave was awesome in Arrested Development!

And, yeah, how can those two be brothers? I’ve told people that in the past, and they look at me like I’m making stuff up.

And look! Here they are in a movie together!