Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 - more uncomfortable awesomeness


So another Season of Curb and Larry doesn't disappoint (thank you HBO GO!). A good episode overall.

I was laughing out loud at the girl scouts despite feeling totally wrong about it. The Jewish lawyer was right out of Seinfeld.

Leon is awesome as always:
"I get plenty of hook ups Larry. You don't see 'em. You don't notice the small shit, Larry."

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I tuned into this because of Paul F. Tompkins appearance. I remember liking the first couple of seasons, but man this show has gone totally downhill since then.

Obviously, comedy is in the eye of the beholder, but nothing that happened in that episode made any sense at all. Why would Larry fish out one tampon to hand to the little girl instead of just the whole box or, failing that, why not slip the instructions under the door instead of screaming them at her? He had the new Jewish lawyer retained for a month before he noticed the lawyer didn't have the assistant? And nobody in the history of Girl Guides ever cancelled an order before?

I liked the show when it was about things that were at least within the realm of plausibility, but clearly Curb left that idea behind quite sometime ago.

Also, I'm bummed that Bob Einstein seemed to have gotten plastic surgery.


Disagree, I thought it actually hit a high point last season, and there were plenty of laughs to be found here.


Yeah, but you liking it sort of proves my point.


I thought it was very funny, looking forward to another great season of Curb!


"First of all, I commend you on the demographics."



The show is as good as ever.


He should have slipped those instructions under the bathroom door and WALKED AWAY.


Motherfucker, what the fuck? This is Larry David we're talking about!

When does Larry ever WALK AWAY?


My point being that the early episodes of the show that I saw (and I think I only ever watched the first two seasons), the situations he got himself into were plausible and relatable on some level. The thing I liked about Curb was that, most of the time, I was on Larry's side when he got angry about something. That's the part that made it funny to me.

Now, maybe it's just a case of the show's on it's eighth season and it's too hard to make things plausible anymore. Seinfeld suffered the same thing, although in Seinfeld's case the show seemed to at least acknowledge how absurd it was getting toward the end.

But, hey, like I said, comedy is subjective more than any other genre, in my opinion. If it still works for you, that's great.


In THAT case you should check out season 4 which I think was the best. The image I posted and accompanying "motherfucker, what the fuck* quote is from one of the funniest episodes ("Krazee-Eyez Killa). Another great episode from that season is "Car Pool Lane". Really funny stuff.

I will admit the show has become predictable and is not as good as the first few seasons (obviously because it was fresh), but still find it funny. Seinfeld on the other hand I never liked much - supporting cast was great but just never liked Mr. Seinfeld himself.




Umm, last night's episode was pretty damn funny... much better than the first one this season, possibly one of the funniest overall.


"You look like you could take care of yourself."


I was looking for a black guy to give it to, but I couldn't find one...


The first episode did feel weak overall, and the second seemed to be going down the same path, but redeemed itself by the end. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. That's an interesting parallel to Seinfeld's absurdism, but it's only true to a point.


Tonight's episode was amazing! I loved it. Larry was a horn dog and a self-loather and so many other things while still being likable. Larry Miller did a great job as guest, too. I hope they let him have at least one other episode this season. If I was caught up on his podcast I'd probably know if he'd be back. Tch.


Eileen going "lol" needs to be a .gif.


"Let's get some chicken."


I think you might be overstating how close to plausibility Curb was in the early years, but I thought last night's episode was really good and could easily have happened in season 2 (aside from continuity differences, of course). Sitcoms tend to up the ridiculousness in the first and last episodes of the year so I don't know how much I'd worry about the premiere being a little crazy, the show has been solid for the past two weeks.