Cure for diabetes

The mind and the body are indeed one.

There’s something magical about the fact that they basically cured diabetes by using chili peppers.


Awesome! I hope the results carry through to humans. I’ve got a little cousin with Type 1 Diabetes, and I’d love for him to be cured completely with a shot of pepper spray to the pancreas!

well, they won’t be curing it with pepper spray completely because just killing off the nerves isn’t a long-term solution but THIS IS STILL FUCKING COOL

That must hurt though, killing your pain nerves with pepper.

Yeah, and since those nerves are kinda important, they later tried another method – that also worked. The capsaicin was just a trick to test the theory quick ‘n’ dirty.

Why do we have sensory nerves in our internal organs? What’s to sense?



Cure Disease worked for me.

Bariatric surgeons basically cured Type II diabetes a few years ago, but since the government and insurance agencies don’t want to get caught up in funding surgical procedures that are still thought of in polite society as being cosmetic in nature, that knowledge has been kept largely a secret.

Wow…I thought this was going to be some sort of stupid joke thread. This is great news. Several members of my family suffer from diabetes.

If Type 2 diabetes is caused by diet, age, and being overweight, what’s Type 1 caused by? Bad luck?

The cause of Type 1 is unknown although it is thought it may be viral in origin.

As a Type 2 diabetic, I hope that they get this stuff rolling. Meanwhile, I’ll be injecting Tabasco sauce into my pancreas, the old fashioned way. You kids are spoiled…

Rich, this is a possible cure for Type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is still treated the usual way.

This is a neat discovery, but I am unsure what your post text has to do with it.

Rich, this is a possible cure for Type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is still treated the usual way.

If you think that hurts, try 5 or 6 shots a day for 13 years for starters, plus the finger-sticks and everything else that goes along with it. I am a type 2 that requires injections. I don’t care what it feels like, bring on the cayenne and the tabasco! Muy Caliente! or whatever. Stat.

Roger, they noted that type 2 could be treated in these mice the same way.

I won’t go getting my hopes up, though. I remember reading about “medical miracles” for the upcoming decade right after I was diagnosed in 1993. They had a timeline, which included the entry “1995- diabetes becomes a needleless disease”. I still chuckle about that from time to time.

Doh. There was a 2nd page to that article. I’m a doosh.

Had to help give my girlfriend’s type 1 uncle a glucose shot this evening. That was unfun. Once he recovered, he was apologetic for being such an uncooperative ass.