Cure for diabetes

Nah, no dooshiness. Or douche-yness. Or whatever.

Good on ya for helping out. I have been pretty fortunate in not needing anything like really in my time as a diabetic. Other than a few close calls, I have pretty good hypo awareness so far. Cans of fruit and bottles of juice ftw. I have heard of people doing some weird and mean things when their brains start to run out of sugar, though.

According to TFA, this would cure both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Rhino, have you ever considered an insulin pump? My girlfriend (type 1) has one, and it’s a pretty sweet piece of tech. I’ve never seen her give herself a shot in the time that I’ve known her. And honestly, I often forget that she even has diabetes - it lets her handle it that well.

See TFP where I recognized this and called myself a doosh.

Yeah, sorry, I posted that before I saw TFP. And you’re not a doosh. Or a douche.

I’m just blind. :(

That happens to diabetics. No worries.

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Did I really need the smiley there?

Can I make splenda-cookies for my two diabetic friends in penance?

I forgot the :). 'Kay bud? And if my cookies have that Splenda shit, you’re in real trouble.

That’s why you got the 5-yd instead of the intentional 15-yd flag. Assuming Wong accepts the penalty.

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I have considered it, although at the time it was easier to stay on the shots than go to the pump. It had some limitations that would have made it a poor fit, in that in I used to be really active. Now I hear that they have some pumps designed for and used by professional athletes and after a wreck a couple of years ago I am slowly but surely doing my impression of a dumpling. My endo just shuttered his practice, so once I get set up with another I might have to have another look.

Is this like the blind thing a bad diabetes/neuropathy joke? Judges?

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You had me at hello, Dungsroman.